Awards and Scholarships

List of MSA Fellows

The following group of colleagues have been elected as MSA Fellows. To view MSA Fellows by year of election, click here.

Adrian, Marc
Aebi, Ueli
Albrecht, Ralph M.
Allard, Lawrence F.
Anderson, Ron
Batson, Phil
Bentley, James
Botton, Gianluigi
Browning, Nigel
Burke, Mary Grace
Carpenter, Ray W.
Carter, C. Barry
Calarco-Isaacson, Patricia
Crewe, Albert V.
Crozier, Peter A.
Dahmen, Uli
Datye, Abhaya
De Graef, Marc
Downing, Kenneth H.
Dravid, Vinayak, P.
Dubochet, Jacques
Eades, Alwyn
Echlin, Patrick
Egerton, Raymond F.
Farquhar, Marilyn G.
Fawcett, Don W.
Frank, Joachim
Fraser, Hamish
Gajdardziska-Josifovska, Marijia
Giannuzzi, Lucille A.
Glaeser, Robert M.
Glauert, Audrey M.
Goldstein, Ann
Goldstein, Joseph I.
Griffin, Brendan J.
Gunning, III, William T.
Hart, Raymond Kenneth
Hashimoto, Hatsujiri
Henderson, Richard
Hirsch, Peter B.
Howie, Archibald
Huxley, Hugh E.
Ichinokawa, Takeo
Iijima, Sumio
Inoue, Shinya
Isaacson, Michael
Jerome, W. Gray
Joy, David C.
Karnovsky, Morris J.
Kelly, Thomas
Kim, Moon
Klug, Aaron
Krivanek, Ondrej L.
Landis, William J.
Leapman, Richard D.
Ledbetter, Myron C.
Lichte, Hannes
Liu, Jingyue
Lyman, Charles E.
Maleeff, Beverly
Mansfield, John
McCartney, Martha
McMullan, Dennis
Michael, Joseph Richard
Miller, Sara Elizabeth
Miller, Michael K.
Mitchell, Terrence E.
Muller, David
Mulvey, Thomas
Newbury, Dale E.
O'Keefe, Michael A.
Pan, Xiaoquing
Pappas, George
Pennycook, Stephen J.
Perry, George
Petrali, John P.
Piston, David
Price, Bob
Radermacher, Michael
Rempfer, Gertrude
Revel, Jean-Paul
Rose, Harald
Ross, Frances
Schmitt, F.O.
Schooley, Caroline
Seidman, David
Sherman, Debra
Shimizu, Ryuichi
Silcox, John
Simmons, Robert B
Sinclair, Robert
Singer, S.J.
Sjostrand, Fritiof
Smith, David J.
Smith, Kenneth C.A.
Somlyo, Avril V.
Spence, John C.H.
Stach, Eric
Steven, Alasdair
Swann, Peter R.
Tokuyasu, Kiyoteru
Thomas, Gareth
Unwin, Nigel
Wall, Joseph S.
Wang, Zhong L.
Wells, Oliver
Whelan, Michael J.
Williams, David B.
Woodward, Janet H.
Yao, Nan
Zaluzec, Nestor J.
Zeitler, Elmar
Zhu, Yimei

Marc Adrian (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 2002
  Ueli Aebi (2011)
As a 2011 Distinguished Scientist Award winner in the Biological Sciences.
Ralph M. Albrecht (2010)
For his pioneering studies in microscopy including the synthesis of gold coated, superparamagnetic magnetite core/shell nano-particles for targeted in vitro and in vivo destruction of cells (tumor or auto-reactive cells).
  Lawrence F. Allard (2010)
For his sustained scientific contributions to advancing the field of high resolution TEM/STEM and his outstanding service to the Microscopy Society of America
Ron Anderson (2009)
For contributions to the characterization of electronic materials and for his long-term service to the Microscopy Society of America, especially for his outstanding work as Editor of Microscopy Today.
  Philip E. Batson (2011)
For his pioneering contributions to the development of spatially resolved electron energy loss spectroscopy and his successful use of this technique to solve important and difficult problems in materials.
James Bentley (2009)
One of the foremost analytical electron microscopists in the world, an outstanding teacher and mentor, and a dedicated member of the Microscopy Society of America.
  Gianluigi Botton (2014)
For establishing a center of excellence in research and for achievements in TEM-EELS which have earned him an international reputation second to none.
Dr. Nigel Browning (2013)
For distinguished contributions in (scanning) transmission electron microscopy; developing advanced spatial, temporal and spectroscopic techniques to better understand fundamental issues in physical and life sciences.
  Mary Grace Burke (2009)
Served MSA in many offices over 20 years, including President, and winner of the Maser Distinguished Service Award. She is an internationally recognized metallurgist in nuclear power applications.
Patricia G. Calarco-Isaacson (2011)
For distinguished scientific contributions to the understanding of embryo development, ultrastructural analysis, and for outstanding leadership and service to the Microscopy Society of America.
  Ray W. Carpenter (2009)
For his great contributions to the Society in many different capacities (e.g., President, ASU HREM Winter School) and pioneer in applying microscopy techniques to materials research in many areas.
C. Barry Carter (2009)
For his ceaseless leadership in the Society, nationally and locally; for being a vocal proponent of transmission electron microscopy; and for his co-authorship of the leading textbook on TEM.
  Albert V. Crewe (2009) (deceased)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 1976
Peter A. Crozier (2011)
For outstanding original contributions to analytical and in-situ materials electron microscopy, and to leadership of the Microscopy Society of America.
  Uli Dahman (2012)
For his contributions to the science of phase transformations and alloy development and for advancing transmission electron microscopy techniques.
Abhaya Datye (2014)
For the application of electron microscopy to better understand heterogeneous catalysis, especially catalyst preparation, sintering, regeneration, and structure-property correlations related to industrial catalytic processes.
  Marc de Graef (2009)
For pioneering, seminal research in the development and application of quantitative Lorentz methods for magnetic materials characterization, theoretical magnetostatics for nanoscale magnetism, and undergraduate and graduate electron microscopy education.
Vinayak Dravid (2009)
For outstanding contributions and leadership in the nanoscale characterization of materials by electron microscopy and scanned probe microscopy.
  Jacques Dubochet (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 2009
Alwyn Eades (2011)
For developing and promoting electron diffraction methods in the TEM and SEM and for leadership in the microscopy community particularly in relation to Latin America.
  Patrick Echlin (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 2001
Raymond F. Egerton (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 2004
  Marilyn Farquhar (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 1987
Don W. Fawcett (2009) (deceased)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 1989
  Joachim Frank (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 2003
Dr. Hamish Fraser (2013)
Ohio State University
For pioneering developments in analytical electron microscopy and its integration with computational materials science to accelerate the development of Ti and other alloys critical to the aerospace industry.
  Marijia Gajdardziska-Josifovska (2014)
For pioneering work in polar oxide surfaces and interfaces with electron microscopy and diffraction and for leadership and mentoring roles in academia and the profession.
Lucille A. Giannuzzi (2014)
For pioneering the development and application of the focused ion beam tool for electron microscopy and for teaching of these techniques to the scientific community.
  Robert M. Glaeser (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 2004
Audrey M. Glauert (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 1990
  Ann Goldstein (2012)
For her outstanding contributions to the understanding of cardiac ultrastructure using TEM techniques including 3D tomography and for her long-term contributions to international microscopy educational activities and the Microscopy Society of America.
Joseph I. Goldstein (2010)
For his leadership in quantitative SEM and AEM x-ray microanalysis, in application of these tools to materials science, and in the education of generations of microscopists
  Brendan J. Griffin (2011)
For outstanding original contributions as well as being an internationally recognized leader in the theory and application of variable pressure scanning electron microscopy.
William T. Gunning, III (2011)
For his expert contributions in ultrastructural pathology as well as a distinguished, longstanding member of the society, serving key roles on numerous committees and in elected positions, including president of MSA.
  Raymond Kenneth Hart (2009)
MSA member for 50 years, who served in many capacities and was its first Maser Distinguished Service Award Winner. He is a recognized international leader in forensic metallurgy.
Hatsujiro Hashimoto (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 1988
  Richard Henderson (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 2005
Sir Peter B. Hirsch (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 1986
  Archibald Howie (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 1991
Hugh E. Huxley (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 1991
  Takeo Ichinokawa (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 1999
Sumio Iijima (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 2005
  Shinya Inoue (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 1995
Michael Isaacson (2010)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 2010
  W. Gray Jerome (2011)
For his distinguished, long-standing involvement in the Society, including chairmanship of both the Education and Program committee's, Director of Council and President of the Society, as well as his outstanding research resume.
David C. Joy (2009)
For contributions to the application of the SEM in the areas of high resolution and low voltage imaging, and for the development of Monte Carlo simulation techniques for electron microscopy.
  Morris J. Karnovsky (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 1988
Thomas Kelly (2014)
For his pioneering contributions to the development of the local electrode atom probe which has revolutionized atomic-scale analysis of materials and for his many contributions to leadership in MSA.
  Moon Kim (2012)
For his outstanding research using high resolution analytical electron microscopy for the characterization of materials and solid state electronics and for his development and construction of an ultra high vacuum (UHV) wafer bonding unit.
Aaron Klug (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 1999
  Ondrej L. Krivanek (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 2008
William J. Landis (2012)
For his outstanding research using microscopy and microanalysis to advance the knowledge of bone and cartilage development.
  Richard D. Leapman (2011)
For his pioneering work using EELS in biological TEM and demonstrated over a period of 35 years that TEM-EELS can provide unique information in structural and cellular biology.
Myron C. Ledbetter (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 1996
  Hannes Lichte (2011)
As a 2011 Distinguished Scientist Award winner in the Physical Sciences.
Jingyue Liu (2012)
For his many contributions to the study of catalysts, including the development of techniques for high-resolution backscattered electron imaging of supported metal catalyst nanoparticles.
  Charles E. Lyman (2011)
For dedicated service to the Society as Director of Council, President of the Society and as Editor of both Microscopy & Microanalysis and Microscopy-Today.
Beverly Maleeff (2012)
For her devotion and long term service to the Microscopy Society of America, including her leadership roles in the Technologists' Forum and Focused Interests Groups.
  John Mansfield (2014)
For his long term contributions to expanding the field of microstructural characterization using CBED, ESEM, AEM; for his selfless efforts in developing tools to educate students, and for his long-standing support and leadership in MSA.
Martha McCartney (2014)
For contributions to the development of off-axis electron holography and applications to the quantification of nanoscale electrostatic and magnetic fields.
  Dennis McMullan (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 1994
Joseph Richard Michael (2009)
Internationally-renowned expert in electron and focused ion beam microscopy who has made significant contributions to the scientific community, the society, and the education of microscopists.
  Sara Elizabeth Miller (2009)
A leader in EM diagnostic virology who directs the largest US EM virology laboratory and is an accomplished educator nationally and internationally in virology and viral bioterrorism agents.
Michael K. Miller (2010)
For his outstanding scientific contributions through pioneering advancement of the field of atom probe field ion microscopy, including instrumentation and sustained development and application of novel statistical data analysis methods
  Terrence E. Mitchell (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 2007
Dr. David Muller (2013)
Cornell University
For application of outstanding experimental and theoretical skills to critical problems in materials physics, effective communication of the insights thus generated and attracting and training excellent students.
  Thomas Mulvey (2009) (deceased)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 2001
Dale E. Newbury (2009)
For seminal contributions to the application of x-ray microanalysis and for the development of Monte Carlo simulation techniques for accurate micro and nano analysis.
  Michael A. O'Keefe (2011)
For scientific contributions advancing high resolution TEM, authoring the original software for image simulation, pioneering the establishment of sub-Ångstrom resolution, and for outstanding service to the Microscopy Society of America.
Xiaoquing Pan (2014)
For his pioneering contributions to the development and innovative application of atomic resolution transmission electron microscopy and in situ techniques and to the science of multifunctional oxides and catalysts.
  George Pappas (2010)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 2010
Stephen J. Pennycook (2010)
For his pioneering contributions to the development and application of atomic-resolution high angle annular dark field imaging and electron energy loss spectroscopy
  George Perry (2011)
For his world-renowned Alzheimer's Disease research as well as the development of microscopic methods that made studying the pathology of oxidative stress in neuroscience possible.
John P. Petrali (2010)
For his pioneering work in ultrastructural pathology, his tireless educational activities, and his outstanding contributions to the Microscopy Society of America and its local affiliates
  David Piston (2014)
For pioneering contributions advancing the field of fluorescence microscopy and for dedicated service to the field of microscopy and to MSA.
Bob Price (2012)
For his contributions to the study of cardiovascular development and disease, biotechnology and cancer through confocal scanning laser and electron microscopy and for his many years of long term service and numerous leadership positions in the Microscopy Society of America.
Dr. Michael Radermacher (2013)
University of Vermont
For advancing the field of electron cryomicroscopy through image processing methods development, structural studies of biological systems, and for service to the EM community through workshops and scientific meetings.
Gertrude Rempfer (2009) (deceased)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 1990
  Jean-Paul Revel (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 1993
Harald Rose (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 2003
  Frances Ross (2012)
For her contributions in the development of novel in situ electron microscopy techniques including her pioneering work on studying liquid phase reactions in the TEM.
F.O. Schmitt (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 1986
  Caroline Schooley (2009)
An outstanding microscopist and educator who has made exceptional contributions to microscopy education from K-12 through post-graduate levels.
David Seidman (2012)
For his outstanding contributions to the advancement of atom probe field ion microscopy including designing the first APFIM with full computer control.
  Debra Sherman (2012)
For her devotion and long term service to the Microscopy Society of America, including her leadership role in the formation of the Facility Operation and Management Focus Interest Group.
Ryuichi Shimizu (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 2002
  John Silcox (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 1996
Robert B. Simmons (2011)
For his leadership in applications of multiple microscopy and analysis techniques to issues related to the human environment and as an expert witness in environmental litigation.
  Robert Sinclair (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 2009
S. J. Singer (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 1997
  Fritiof Sjostrand (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 1992
Dr. David J. Smith (2013)
Arizona State University
For his internationally recognized leadership in the development and application of atomic-resolution electron microscopy to materials, his tireless promotion of the technique through education and his dedicated service to MSA.
  Kenneth C.A. Smith (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 1993
Avril V. Somlyo (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 1998
  John C.H. Spence (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 2006
Dr. Eric Stach (2013)
Brookhaven National Laboratory
For the development and application of in situ techniques, in particular nanoindentation and environmental transmission electron microscopy, to solve materials problems in the fields of deformation, catalysis and growth of nanostructures.
  Alasdair Steven (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 2008
Peter R. Swann (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 1997
  Gareth Thomas (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 1980
Kiyoteru Tokuyasu (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 2000
  Nigel Unwin (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 2007
Joseph S. Wall (2009)
Distinguished Biological Scientist, 2006
  Zhong L. Wang (2010)
For his pioneering research in the development of in-situ EM nanoscale measurement techniques, inelastic scattering theory, growth of oxide nanostructures, and seminal contributions to fields of functional materials and nanotechnology
Oliver Wells (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 1992
  Michael J. Whelan (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 1998
David B. Williams (2010)
For his pioneering work in the applications of Transmission Electron Microscopy to materials science, including X-ray analysis, electron energy-loss spectrometry and convergent beam electron-diffraction techniques; and for his co-authorship of the leading textbook on TEM
  Janet H. Woodward (2011)
For her devotion, long term service and numerous leadership roles in the Microscopy Society of America.
Nan Yao (2012)
For his contributions to the development and application of advanced microscopy techniques including electron, ion, x-ray, and atomic force microscopy imaging and microanalysis.
  Nestor J. Zaluzec (2009)
For his tireless service to the society and his wide ranging research activities in the field of electron microscopy.
Elmar Zeitler (2009)
Distinguished Physical Scientist, 1989
  Yimei Zhu (2009)
For outstanding and innovative development and implementation of advanced electron microscopy techniques including quantitative diffraction, imaging, spectroscopy, and phase retrieval methods in understanding superconducting, ferromagnetic, and strongly correlated materials


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