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  • Nominations for the 2015 Society Awards are now closed. Thank you for your submission

  • The Award descriptions, criteria, and nomination materials required are described below.

  • Recipients will be announced on Monday, August 3, 2015 during M&M 2015 in Portland, Oregon.

2014 Society Awards Recipients

2013 Society Awards Recipients

Distinguished Scientist Awards

These Awards annually recognize a preeminent senior scientist from each of the Biological and Physical Sciences who has a long-standing record of achievement during his or her career in the field of microscopy or microanalysis.
Past recipients

Burton Medal

The Burton Medal was initiated to honor annually the distinguished contributions to the field of microscopy and microanalysis by a scientist who is less than 40 years of age on January 1st of the award year (i.e., the awardee to be honored at M&M 2013 cannot have been born earlier than 1974).
Past recipients

Outstanding Technologist Awards

These Awards annually honor a technologist from each of the Biological and Physical Sciences who has made significant contributions, such as the development of new techniques that have contributed to the advancement of microscopy and microanalysis.
Past recipients

Morton D. Maser Distinguished Service Award

This Award recognizes outstanding volunteer service to the Society as exemplified by Mort Maser, who served the Society for many years with great dedication. This award is made annually to honor an MSA member who has provided significant volunteer service to the Society over a sustained period of time.
Past recipients

The Albert Crewe Award

The Albert Crewe Award was initiated to recognize annually the distinguished contributions to the field of microscopy and microanalysis in the physical sciences of a postdoctoral fellow of not more than 6 years' standing since doctoral graduation.
Past recipients

The George Palade Award

The George Palade Award was initiated to recognize annually the distinguished contributions to the field of microscopy and microanalysis in the life sciences of a postdoctoral fellow of not more than 6 years' standing since doctoral graduation.
Past recipients

Nomination Criteria

Nominations for all Society Awards should include:

  1. A letter from the nominator describing the nominee's qualifications for the award. The nominator must be a member of MSA;
  2. Letters of support from other members of the scientific community (see below);
  3. The publication(s) for which the nominee is to be recognized (see below);
  4. The nominee's curriculum vitae (CV) or resume is desirable but not required.

For criterion 2: At most four supporting letters for the Distinguished Scientist Awards; at most three for the Burton Medal, Outstanding Technologist, and Maser Awards, and at most two for the Crewe and Palade Awards. The authors of these letters need not be members of MSA.

For criterion 3: No additional documentation is required for the Distinguished Scientist, Burton, Outstanding Technologist and Maser awards; pdf copies of two significant publications are required for the Crewe and Palade awards.

The deadline for receipt of Awards Nomination Packages, preferably in electronic format, is November 15.

Nominations will remain under consideration for three years, and may be updated during those years.

Please forward your nomination materials to MSA Headquarters via e-mail to MSA Headquarters, fax (703-435-4390) or mail (MSA Managing Director, 12100 Sunset Hills Road #130, Reston, VA 20190). Please feel free to contact Bob Dziuban or Ashley Carey at 800-538-3672 or 703-234-4115 for additional information.

MSA Distinguished Scientist Award Past Recipients

Year Biological Sciences Physical Sciences
1975 Keith Porter Robert Heidenreich
1976 L.L. Marton Albert Crewe
1977 Robley C. Williams James Hillier
1978 Thomas Anderson Vernon E. Cosslett
1979 Daniel C. Pease John M. Cowley
1980 George E. Palade Gareth Thomas
1981 Sanford L. Palay Vladimir K. Zworykin
1982 Richard M. Eakin Benjamin M. Siegel
1983 Hans Ris Otto Scherzer
1984 Cecil E. Hall Sir Charles Oatley
1985 Gaston Dupouy Ernst Ruska
1986 F. O. Schmitt Peter Hirsch
1987 Marilyn G. Farquhar Jan B. LePoole
1988 Morris J. Karnovsky Hatsujiro Hashimoto
1989 Don W. Fawcett Elmar Zeitler
1990 Audrey M. Glauert Gertrude F. Rempfer
1991 Hugh E. Huxley Archie Howie
1992 Fritiof Sjöstrand Oliver C. Wells
1993 Jean-Paul Revel Kenneth C.A. Smith
1994 Andrew P. Somlyo Dennis McMullan
1995 Shinya Inoue David B. Wittry
1996 Myron C. Ledbetter John Silcox
1997 S. J. Singer Peter R. Swann
1998 Avril V. Somlyo Michael J. Whelan
1999 Sir Aaron Klug Takeo Ichinokawa
2000 K. Tokuyasu S. Amelinckx
2001 Patrick Echlin Thomas Mulvey
2002 Marc Adrian Ryuichi Shimizu
2003 Joachim Frank Harald Rose
2004 Robert M. Glaeser Raymond F. Egerton
2005 Richard Henderson Sumio Iijima
2006 Joseph S. Wall John C.H. Spence
2007 Nigel Unwin Terence E. Mitchell
2008 Alasdair Steven Ondrej L. Krivanek
2009 Jacques Dubochet Robert Sinclair
2010 George Papas Michael Isaacson
2011 Ueli Aebi Hannes Lichte
2012 Timothy Baker Ulrich Dahmen
2013 David DeRosier C. Barry Carter
2014 Wah Chiu David J. Smith

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Burton Medal Past Recipients

Year Recipient
1975 James Lake
1976 Michael S. Isaacson
1977 David D. Joy
1978 Robert Sinclair
1979 Norton B. Gilula
1980 John C.H. Spence
1981 Barbara J. Panessa-Warren
1982 Nestor J. Zaluzec
1983 Ronald Gronsky
1984 David B. Williams
1985 Richard D. Leapman
1986 J. Murray Gibson
1987 Ron A.Milligan
1988 A.D. Romig, Jr.
1989 Laurence D. Marks
1990 W. Mason Skiff
1991 Joseph R. Michael
1992 Kannan M. Krishnan
1993 Joseph A.N. Zasadzinski
1994 Jan M. Chabala
1995 Joanna L. Batstone
1996 Vinayak P. Dravid
1997 P.M. Ajayan
1998 Ian M. Anderson
1999 Zhong Lin Wang
2000 Eva Nogales
2001 Jian Min Zuo
2002 Nigel D. Browning
2003 Frances M. Ross
2004 Z. Hong Zhou
2005 David J. Larson
2006 David A. Muller
2007 Peter D. Nellist
2008 Steven J. Ludtke
2009 Eric Stach
2010 Sergei V. Kalinin
2011 Radostin Denev
2012 David Ginger
2013 John L. Rubinstein
2014 Maria Varela

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MSA Outstanding Technologists' Awards

Year Recipient
1993 Ben O. Spurlock
1994 Bernard J. Kestel
1995 Kai Chien
1996 David W. Ackland
1997 John P. Benedict
Stanley J. Klepeis
1998 Charles J. Echer
Hilton H. Molehauer
1999 John C. Wheatley
John M. Basgen
2000 Nancy Crise Smith
2001 Conrad G. Bremer
2002 José A. Mascorro
2003 Edward A. Ryan
2004 Mark C. Reuter
2005 Chris Nelson
John J. Bozzola
2007 Thomas Deerinck
2009 Lynne Gignac
Mary Morphew
2010 E. Ann Ellis
2011 Robert Grassucci
2012 Kunio Nagashima
2013 Robyn Roth
K. Shawn Reeves
2014 Hong Yi
Eddy Garcia-Meitin
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Morton D Maser Distinguished Service Award Past Recipients

Year Recipient
1992 Ronald Anderson
G. W. Bailey
Frances Ball
Blair Bowers
Deborah Clayton
Joseph Harb
Kenneth Lawless
Morton D Maser
Caroline Schooley
John H.L. Watson
1993 E. Laurence Thurston
1994 Richard Crang
1995 Raymond K. Hart
1996 Jose' Mascorro
1997 William T. Gunning III
1998 Nestor J. Zaluzec
1999 Charles Lyman
2000 Barbara A. Reine
Hildegard H. Crowley
2002 Beverly Maleeff
2003 M. Grace Burke
2004 Ralph Albrecht
2005 W. Gray (Jay) Jerome
2006 Jeanette Killius
2007 Robert L. Price
2008 Stuart McKernan
2010 Pamela Lloyd
2011 Janet Woodward
2012 Gina Sosinsky
2013 Caroline Miller
2014 Mike Marko

The Albert Crewe Award

Year Recipient
2012 Wu Zhou
2013 Lena Fitting-Kourkoutis
2014 Jinwoo Hwang
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The George Palade Award

Year Recipient
2012 Gabriel Lander
2013 Peng Ge
2014 Ricardo Guerrero-Ferreira
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