Video Library

MSA, through its Education Committee, has gathered, produced, and distributed video recordings on electron microscopy and related topics since 1976. Since 1982, most new acquisitions have been tutorial lectures at MSA Annual Meetings and it is the Society's continuing practice to tape all such tutorials for inclusion in the collection. At the same time, MSA continues to augment the Video Library by soliciting relevant titles from a variety of sources. Anyone having, or knowing of, a tape that might be suitable is encouraged to contact the current Chairperson of the Education Committee.

All titles are now available as DVD only. Many of the videos are old and may be of poor technical quality but often contain good information. Please be aware of this when ordering.

Price does not include shipping.

Payment may be made by check. Make checks payable to "MSA" in US funds, drawn on a US bank. Purchase orders, MasterCard and VISA are also accepted. Please include catalogue numbers and the titles of the videos requested.  Purchase Orders should be made to Microscopy Society of America.

This video catalog supplants all previous catalogue editions, and is updated annually. Note: Videotapes have been phased out and are now replaced by DVD's.

Video Quality

The technical quality of the Videos varies greatly, ranging from slick, professional productions to live lectures, not intended for taping, and recorded with inadequate equipment and lighting. MSA has initiated procedures to improve the quality of future acquisitions, especially of the tutorials, and to replace some of the older ones.


Titles are numbered serially, in order of acquisition, followed by an index by author and/or producer. Future editions of this catalogue will also be indexed by subject matter and technical level. Affiliations of authors are those at the time of tape production. Unless denoted specifically by a "B&W", all are in color.

Address all inquiries to:

John M. Mackenzie, Jr.
North Carolina State University
MSA Video Collection SubCommittee Chair
1219 Gardner
Box 7615
Raleigh, NC 27695-7615
Phone: (919) 515-2664

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