X60 Inaugural Pre-Meeting Congress for Early Career Professionals in Microscopy and Microanalysis

To commemorate MSA’s 75th anniversary, the Student Council has organized an inaugural Pre-Meeting Congress (PMC) for students and early career professionals in Microscopy & Microanalysis, to precede M&M 2017 in St. Louis. The event features an informal get-together on Friday night, where participants can meet in a relaxed setting, and is scheduled to allow those interested to attend a Sunday short course or -focused interest group (FIG) pre-meeting congress, or to enjoy a day in St. Louis with new friends.

The PMC is organized by, and tailored to, students and early career professionals, however all M&M registrants are welcome to attend. The PMC will offer a highly interactive forum for participants to discuss their cutting edge research, network, and engage with peers ahead of the main meeting. Invited speakers will be selected from awardees to be honored at M&M 2017, giving attendees an opportunity to experience a sampling of the best research to be presented by their peers across scientific disciplines in biological science, physical science, analytical science, and instrumentation. Contributed talks and posters will give attendees an opportunity to share their work with peers in an intimate casual setting. Further professional development opportunities will include a luncheon featuring a panel of recent graduates currently working in industry, academia, policy, and government labs.

The MSA Student Council Inaugural PMC and M&M 2017 are a wonderful opportunity for students (undergraduate and graduate), postdocs, and early-career professionals to network with peers and members of academia and industry as well as vendors from a variety of top companies.

Pre-Meeting program highlights include

Inaugural PMC Organizers
Program Chair: William J. Bowman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Program Co-Chair: A. Cameron Varano, Virginia Tech (Biological Sciences)
Program Co-Chair: Janet L. Gbur, Case Western Reserve University (Physical Sciences)
Activities & Social Chair: Ethan L. Lawrence, Arizona State University

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