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Biological Sciences Symposia

B01 George E. Palade Memorial Symposium
Caroline Miller & Vincent Gattone
Invited Speakers
Philippe Male - Yale University (retired), Michael Caplan - Yale University School of Medicine

B02 Imaging of Cytoskeletal Dynamics and Abnormalities in Disease
Heide Schatten and Kathryn Eisenmann
Invited Speakers
Gary Banker - Oregon Health and Science University, Dahong Zhang - Oregon State University, Martin Poenie - University of Texas at Austin, Hilda Amalia Pasolli - The Rockefeller University, Andreas Hoenger - University of Colorado, Johnny L. Carson - The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

B03 Microscopy Continues to Lead Advances in Alzheimer's Disease
George Perry and Mark Smith
Invited Speakers
Alejandra Alonso - College of Staten Island, City University of New York, Ismael Santa Maria - Mount Sinai School of Medicine

B04 Man, Machine, Microscope
Simon Watkins and Sarah Richardson Burns
Invited Speakers
Mohammed Reza Abidian - University of Michigan, Tracy Cui - University of Pittsburgh, Warren Zipfel - Cornell University

B05 Atomic Force Microscopy for Cell Biology
Helen A. McNally
Invited Speakers
Manfred Radmacher - Institut fur Biophysik, Arvind Raman - Purdue University, Ben Ohler - Veeco

B06 Microfluidic Devices: Emerging Platforms for Live Cell Microscopy
Jonathan V. Rocheleau
Invited Speakers
David Eddington - University of Illinois at Chicago, Aaron Wheeler - University of Toronto, Adam Quiring - UBC,
Shuichi Takayama - University of Michigan

B07 3DEM: Cellular, Bacterial and Viral surfaces: What Is Out There?
Teresa Ruiz, Esther Bullitt and Georgios Skiniotis
Invited Speakers
Dorit Hanein - Burnham Institute, Molecular machines involved in the assembly and regulation of the actin cytoskeleton at the leading edge of motile cells; Jenny Hinshaw - NIH/NIDDK, Dynamin, and its role in constriction and fission of clathrin-coated pits; Jun Liu - Univ of Texas Medical School, Flagellar motor structure and motility; Carmen Manella - Wadsworth Center; NY State Dept. of Health, Mitochondria and their role in metabolic, neurological and muscular disorders; Phoebe Stewart - Vanderbilt University, Adenovirus - integrin complexes

B08 Clinical and Investigative Microscopy of Infectious Diseases
Daniel Beniac
Invited Speakers
Gregory Czarnota - University of Toronto, Elizabeth Fischer - Rocky Mountain Laboratories, Alasdair Steven - National Institutes of Health

Physical Sciences Symposia

P01 Nanoscale Characterization of Next-Generation Photovoltaic Devices and Materials
Jun Jiao and Zhigang Rick Li
Invited Speakers
Liang Liang - Dupont, Katharine Dovidenko - General Electric, Brent Wacaser - IBM, Yong-Hyum Kim - Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Lian-Mao Peng - Peking University, Jingyue (Jimmy) Liu - University of Missouri-St. Louis

P02 Imaging and Spectroscopy of Interfaces and Surfaces in Advanced Materials and Nanostructures
Xiaoqing Pan and Wayne Kaplan
Invited Speakers
Hengjiang Ye - Institute of Matal Research, Chinese Academy of Science, Jing Zhu - Tsinghua University, Yuichi Ikuhara - University of Tokyo, Isao Tanaka - Kyoto University, Judith Yang - University of Pittsburgh, Yimei Zhu - Brookhaven National Laboratory, David Muller - Cornell, Kai Sun - University of Michigan, Christoph Koch - MPI-Stuttgart, Christina Scheu - University Munich, Alex Recnik - JSI-Slovenia, Susanne Stemmer - UCSB, Lothar Houben - Julich Research Center, Germany, Ulrich Dahmen - LBNL

P03 Microscopy and Analysis in Forensic Science
Frank Platek and Mary-Jacque Mann
Invited Speakers
Chesterene Cwiklik - Cwiklik & Associates, Susan Wilson - Washington State Patrol Tacoma Crime Lab, Andrew Vogt - Abbott, S. Frank Platek - US Food and Drug Administration Forensic Chemistry Center, Diana Wright - DOJ - Federal Bureau of Investigation, Michael Platek - University of Rhode Island

P04 Structural and Chemical Analysis of Materials in the Nuclear Power Industry
Jie Lian, Jeremy Busby and Paul Crawford
Invited Speakers
Mike Miller - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Robert Odette - UC Santa Babara, Amit Misra - Las Almos National Laboratory, Somei Ohnuki - Hokkaido University, James Bentley - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Zhijie Jiao - University of Michigan, Djamel Kaoumi - The University of South Carolina

P05 Particles, Pores and Composites - Nano to Macro
Tom Murphy, Jian-Min Zuo and David C. Bell
Invited Speakers
Lionel Vayssieres - NIMS Japan, Suprakas Sinha Ray - CSIR, South Africa, Thomas Dittrich - Helmholtz Center Berlin, Paul Voyles - University of Wisconsin, Madison, Venkatesan Murali - University of Illinois, Electrical Engineering, Ilke Arslan - UC Davis, materials science, Ray Egerton - University of Alberta, Canada

P06 Probing the Properties of Nanomaterials with Microscopy
Andrew Minor, Moon Kim and Martin Saunders
Invited Speakers
Zhiwei Shan - Xian Jiatong University & Hysitron, Inc., Horatio Espinosa - Northwestern University, Marc Legros - CEMES- France, Stig Helveg - Haldor Topsoe, Denmark, Gyeong-Su Park - Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

P07 T3DEM: Quantitative Analysis at the Nano and Microscale using Tomographic Techniques
Ilke Arslan and Christian Kuebel
Invited Speakers
Peter Nellist - University of Oxford, Mary Comer - Purdue University, Richard Leapman - National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, Michael Uchic - Air Force Research Laboratory, Katja Schladitz - Fraunhofer ITWM

P08 Inside Modern Micro-devices at the Atomic Scale
John Mardinly, David Muller and Vincent Hou
Invited Speakers
Colin Humphreys - University of Cambridge, Edward Keyes - Semiconductor Insights Inc., Gary Tompkins - Chipworks, Inc., Ling Pan - Intel, John Bruley - IBM, Sergey Babin - aBeam Technologies, Inc.

Instrumentation and Techniques Symposia

A01 Vendor Symposium: Creating the Tools for Science
Mike Bode, Andree Kraker and Tom Nuhfer
This symposium provides an opportunity for the vendor community to share important and exciting new developments with the attendees of the M&M meeting. The symposium is focused on new hardware, software and techniques for the Microscopy community. Initiated for M&M 2009 in Richmond, this symposium was well attended, and we encourage all vendors to submit abstracts for the meeting in Portland 2010. The symposium is limited to presentations by vendors who participate in the exhibition, and all submissions will be considered. The selection of the papers for presentation will be done by a non-vendor.
No Invited Speakers
A Vendors' and Manufacturers' Special Symposium

A02 Aberration-Corrected Electron Microscopy: Exploring Materials Through New Eyes
Juan Carlos Idrobo, Rolf Erni and Miaofang Chi
Invited Speakers
Matthew Chisholm - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Judy Cha - Stanford University, Nigel Browning - University of California-Davis, Sorin Lazar - FEI, Arizona State University, Teray Mizoguchi - University of Tokyo, Quentin Ramasse - National Center for Electron Microscopy, Marta Rossell - ETH, Masashi Watanabe - Lehigh University, Peter Hartel - CEOS, Martin Link - Triebenberg Laboratory, University of Dresden, Valeria Nicolosi - Oxford University

A03 FIB Science and Applications in Materials and Biology
Joe Michael, F. Scott Miller and Haiping Sun
Invited Speakers
Keana Scott - NIST, Michael Marko - Wadsworth Center, Alexandria Imre - Argonne National Lab, Lucille Gianuzzi - FEI Company, David Adams - Sandia NationalLab, Joanna Wojewoda-Budka - Polish Academy of Sciences

A04 Computational Aspects of Data Visualization and Quantitative Microscopy and Microanalysis
Raynald Gauvin, Marc De Graef and Paul Kotula
Invited Speakers
Hans Fitting - University of Rostock, Francesc Salvat - Universitat de Barcelona, Johan Verbeeck - University of Antwerp, Nick Wilson - CSIRO, Chris Stork - Sandia National Laboratories

A05 Transmission EM and Spectroscopy at or Near Realistic Conditions
Chongmin Wang, Niels de Jonge and Jakob B. Wagner
Invited Speakers
Charles H. F. Peden - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Eric Stach - Purdue University, Ulrich Dahmen - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Kristian Molhave - Technical University of Denmark, Lawrence Allard - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Henny Zandbergen - Delft University of Technology, Nigel Browning - University of California, Davis, Frances Ross - IBM, Longqing Chen - Pennsylvinia State University, Agnes Bogner - INSA de Lyon, Thomas W. Hansen - Technical University of Denmark

A06 Surface Microscopy and Microanalysis in Materials and Biological Systems
Vincent Smentkowski, Jennifer Pett-Ridge and John Chaney
Invited Speakers
Tony Ohlhausen - Sandia National Laboratory, Sankar Rama - Physical Electronics, Dave Surman - Kratos, Bill Sgammato - Thermo Fisher, Dave Castner - University Washington, David Joy - University of Tennessee, Scott Bryan - Physical Electronics, Barry Wise - Eigenvector Research, Ben French - Intel, Peter Williams - Arizona State University, Manfred Auer - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Peter Weber - Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Steve Golledge - University Oregon, Al Schultz - Ionwerks, Jeff Lince - The Aerospace Corporation, Matt Linford - Brigham Young University, Clive Walker - European Commission Joint Research Centre, Don Baer - PNNL

A07 Scanned Probe Microscopies: Probing Advanced Material Properties on the Micro- and Nano-Scale
Phil Russell and Lou Germinario
Invited Speakers
Stephen Jesse - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Maxim Nikiforov - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Alexander Tselev - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Richard Vaia - Wright-Patterson AFB, Sergei Magonov - Agilent, TBA - Veeco, TBA - Asylum, Kevin Kjoller - Anasys, TBA - Hysitron, Stephen Ducharme - University of Nebraska Lincoln

A08 Ultrafast EM and the Effects of Ultrafast Events on the Structure and Chemistry of Materials
Nigel Browning, Bryan Reed, Thomas LaGrange and Steve Yalisove
Invited Speakers
John Spence - Arizona State University, Dwayne Miller - University of Toronto, Samuel Sonderegger - nanophotonics, Frank Meyer zu Heringdorf - University of Duisberg-Essen, Joel McDonald - Sandia National Laboratories, Ted Norris - University of Michigan, Fabrizio Carbone - Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Chong-Yu Ruan - Michigan State University, Pietro Musumeci - University of California Los Angeles

A09 TEM Phase Contrast Imaging in Biological and Materials Science
Mike Marko and Marek Malac
Invited Speakers
Radostin Danev - Okazaki Institute for Integrative Bioscience, Robert Glaeser - University of California, Berkeley, Rasmus Schroder - University of Heidelberg, Kuniaki Nagayama - Okazaki Institute for Integrative Bioscience, Christian Kisielowski - National Center for Electron Microscopy, Wah Chiu - National Center for Macromolecular Imaging, Bastian Barton - Max-Planck Institute of Biophyics, Fu-Rong Chen - National Tsing Hua University, Sohei Motoki - JEOL, Ltd., Harald Rose - University of Darmstadt

A10 Imaging Fields with Holography
Molly McCartney and Hannes Lichte
Invited Speakers
Falk Roder - Triebenberg Lab, Rafal Dunin-Borkowski - Center for Electron Nanoscopy, Technical University Denmark, Tsukasa Hirayama - JFCC, Nagoya, Japan, Etienne Snoeck - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Toulouse, Michael Gribelyuk - IBM Fishkill

A11 Slow Electrons, Fast Ions: How Well Do We Image and What Do We Image With Scanning Beam Microscopy?
Brendan Griffin and David Joy
Invited Speakers
Cornelia Rodenburg - University of Sheffield, UK, Yimei Zhu - Brookhaven National Laboratory

A12 Microscopy, Microanalysis and Image Analysis in the Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lynn M DiMemmo, Jennifer Liang and Andrew Vogt
Invited Speakers
Sina Bavari - United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Alejandra Camacho -
L'Oreal, John Reffner - John Jay College, Phoebe Stewart - Vanderbilt University, Jim DiOrio - Baxter, Gerard Gagne - Abbott, M. Sherry Ku - Wyeth, Jack Megill - Bristol-Myers Squibb, Frank Platek - Food and Drug Administration

A13 Specimen Preparation for SEM and EBSD
James Martinez, George Vander Voort and Scott Walck
Invited Speakers Michael Zolensky - Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science Directorate NASA Johnson Space Center, Frank Mucklich - University of Saarland, Saarbruken, Germany, John Radavich - Purdue University, Andrew Sullivan - Deakin University, Australia

A14 Image Analysis & Quantitative Microscopy
Don Susan and Rob Panaro
Invited Speakers Alexander Kazakov - Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Arun Gohkale - Georgia Tech, Gabe Lucas - Buehler, Ltd., Tom Murphy - Hoeganaes Corp.

A15 Failure Analysis: Practical Microscopy, Metallography and Fractography from Real World Applications or Research Case Studies
Stephen Banovic, Dan Dennies and Doug Puerta
Invited Speakers
Mark Fischer - The Boeing Company, Tom Tong - Intel Corporation, Mark Lisin - Lisin Metallurgical, Ron Parrington - IMR Test Labs, Bill Heady - Chromalloy Gas Turbine Corporation

A16 Scanning Cathodoluminescence Microscopy and Spectroscopy: New Developments and Applications
Matthew Philips, Dominique Drouin and Colin Macrae
Invited Speakers
Juergen Christen - Otto-von-Guericke-Universitat Magdeburg, Institut fur Experimentelle Physik, Marek Godlewski - Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Giancarlo Salviati - Istituto CNR-IMEM

A17 3DEM: A Real Bridge Between Light and X-Rays
Teresa Ruiz, Esther Bullitt, Georgios Skiniotis, Ilke Arslan and Christian Kuebel
Invited Speakers
Ingeborg Schmidt-Krey - Georgia Institute of Technology, Gina Sosinsky - University of California, San Diego, Sriram Subramaniam - National Institutes of Health, Rudolf Reichelt and Lubomir Kovacik - Reichelt: Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet Kovacik:Charles University in Prague, Deborah Kelly - Harvard Medical School, Daniela Nicastro - Brandeis University, Adam Hitchcock - McMaster University

A18 Compositional X-Ray Imaging
Jeff Davis, Craig Schwandt and Paul Carpenter
Invited Speakers Edward Vicenzi - Museum Conservation Institute, Dan Hodoroaba - BAM, Volker Rose - Argonne, Koen Janssens - University of Antwerp, John Henry Scott - NIST, Andrew Herzing - NIST, Harald Ade - North Carolina State University

X-30 Technologists’ Forum Platform Session
Frank Macaluso and Victoria Bryg
Invited Speakers Helen Hansma - University of California, Santa Barbara, Wei Tan - University of Collorado, Boulder, Hongjun Wang - Stevens Institute of Technology

X-31 Technologists’ Forum Special Topics: Materials Characterization of Nanomaterials: Health and Environmental Impact
Frank Macaluso
Invited Speakers Kristin Bunker - R.J. Lee Group, Victoria Bryg - NASA, Jiwen Zheng - NIH, Konstantin Sokolov - University of Texas at Austin, Erik Snapp - Albert Einstein College of Medecine

X-32 Technologists’ Forum Roundtable: Live Cell Fluorescence Imaging: Selecting Equipment and Designing Experiments
Frank Macaluso
Invited Speakers Simon Watkins - University of Pittsburgh, Erik Snapp - Albert Einstein College of Medecine