Topic List for Contributed Papers

Organizers: Executive Program Committee

Potential contributed session topics in the three (3) categories (Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Instrumentation & Techniques) are listed below. Papers submitted to a topic that corresponds to an organized symposium will automatically be moved to that session. If a sufficient number of submissions on a topic are received, the Executive Program Group will organize a contributed session on that topic; if not, the papers will be redirected to the closest regular symposium.

Biological Sciences

C01 — Biological Sciences — General
C02 — Biological Sciences — Specimen Preparation
C03 — Biomaterials
C04 — Biomedical Applications
C05 — Botany
C06 — Cell Biology
C07 — Cytochemistry (Histochemistry, Immunochemistry, In-Situ Hybridization)
C08 — Cytoskeleton
C09 — Developmental / Reproductive Biology
C10 — Entomology
C11 — Histology
C12 — Live Cell/In-vivo Imaging
C13 — Macromolecules
C14 — Microbiology
C15 — Molecular Biology
C16 — Pathology
C17 — Structural Biology
C18 — Ultrastructure (Cells, Tissues, & Organ Systems)

Physical Sciences

C19 — Physical Sciences — General
C20 — Physical Sciences — Specimen Preparation
C21 — Catalysts
C22 — Ceramics
C23 — Films & Coatings
C24 — Geology / Mineralogy
C25 — Magnetic & Superconducting Materials
C26 — Metals, Alloys, Composites
C27 — Nanostructured Materials
C28 — Pharmaceuticals
C29 — Polymers
C30 — Semiconductors

Instrumentation & Techniques

C31 — Advances in Instrumentation and Technique — General
C32 — Electron Optics and Aberration Correction
C33 — Transmission/Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
C34 — Electron Diffraction (Transmission)
C35 — Electron Holography
C36 — Electron Tomography
C37 — Electron Spectroscopy/Imaging in the TEM/STEM
C38 — X-ray Spectroscopy/Imaging in the TEM/STEM
C39 — Scanning Electron Microscopy
C40 — Variable Pressure / Environmental SEM
C41 — Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD)
C42 — X-ray Spectrometry / Quantitative X-ray Microanalysis (Bulk)
C43 — Cathodoluminescence
C44 — Spectral Imaging
C45 — In-situ / Environmental Experiments
C46 — Focused Ion Beam
C47 — Atom Probe Field Ion Microscopy
C48 — Scanning Ion Microscopy
C49 — X-ray Microscopy (TXM/STXM)
C50 — Scanning Probe Microscopy
C51 — Optical (Light) Microscopy
C52 — Confocal Microscopy
C53 — Multi Photon Excitation Microscopy
C54 — Optical Fluorescence Microscopy
C55 — Infrared and Raman Microscopy and Microanalysis
C56 — Correlative Microscopy
C57 — Digital Image Acquisition, Processing, and Analysis
C58 — Education in Microscopy and Microanalysis
C59 — Metallography and Metallographic Specimen Preparation
C60 — Failure Analysis
C61 — Forensic Science
C62 — Industrial "Real World" Microscopy
C63 — Core/User Facility Management
C64 — Corporate Session