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Poster# Submitting Author Affiliation Paper Title
LB-1 H. Zhang Harvard University Cathodoluminescence of Color Centers in Nanodiamond
LB-2 D. Xie Massachusetts Institute of Technology In situ TEM Investigation of Electrical Current Effect on Aluminum Interconnect
LB-3 H. Elmlund Stanford University School of Medicine Software for ab inito Reconstruction of Flexible Single-particles
LB-4 R. Ramirez-Leal Centro de Estudios Superiores del Estado de Sonora, Mexico Identification and Characterization of Radioactive Particles in Samples of PM10 by SEM-EDS
LB-5 L. Gu Beijing Laboratory for Electron Microscopy Observation of Lithium Ions at Atomic Resolution Using anAaberration-corrected Annular-bright-field Electron Microscopy
LB-6 D. Baluch Arizona State University School of Life Sciences Pictures Worth a Thousand Words
LB-7 J. Liu GE Power & Water Failure Analysis Of Welded Connections Of Type 304 Austenitic Stainless Steel Piping In Water Service Industry
LB-8 D. Keene Shriners Hospital for Children, Micro-Imaging Center A Correlative Method for Imaging Identical Regions of Soft Tissue by Micro-CT, Light Microscopy, and Electron Microscopy: Evaluating Adipose Tissue in a Model System
LB-9 E. Sohr University of California — Berkeley Progress towards a Zernike Phase Plate for Electron Microscopy using a Focused Laser Beam
LB-10 H. Lowers United States Geological Survey, Microbeam Lab Photoluminescence and Microanalysis of Organic Macerals in the Kimmeridge Clay Formation, Offshore United Kingdom
LB-11 Y.L. Tang Johnson Matthey Catalysts High Resolution Electron Microscopy Study of Nano Structure in CO Emission Control Additives
LB-12 N. Zaluzec MSA Standards Committee MSA/MAS/AMMS Hyper-dimensional Data File Format - An Update
LB-13 I. Zapata Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo  (IMP) AFM Study of Metal-reducing Bacteria Involved in Biocorrosion Process
LB-14 Y. Oshima Osaka University, Japan Reversible Contrast in Focus Series of Annular Bright Field Images for Thin Specimen
LB-15 P. Pinard Central Facility for Electron Microscopy RWTH Aachen University, Germany Better Identification of Dual Phase Steel Constituents by Combined EBSD and High Resolution EPMA Carbon Measurements
LB-16 J.H. Jang Oak Ridge National Lab Understanding the Mechanism of Resistive Switching via In Situ Observations of Bias-Induced Crystallization in Amorphous TiO2 Films
LB-17 M. Gajdardziska-Josifovska Nicolet High School, Milwaukee, WI Nanoparticles in Potable and Aquatic Freshwater: Stockholm Junior Water Prize Outreach
LB-18 C.C. Chen UCLA Atomic Scale Resolution Electron Tomography: Data Analysis, Projection Alignment and 3D Reconstruction
LB-19 C. Zhu UCLA Atomic Scale Resolution Electron Tomography: Experimental Procedure and Data Acquisition
LB-20 P. da Fonseca The Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK Structure of the Human 26S Proteasome
LB-21 B. Buse University of Bristol, UK Quantitative Nanoscale Low kV EPMA of Plagioclase Feldspar
LB-22 H. Pasolli Rockefeller University, New York Newly Identified Stem Cells in Sweat Glands: Roles in Homeostasis and Wound Repair
LB-23 C. Hombourger Cameca Instruments Quantitative And Repeatable Analysis At High Spatial Resolution With Field Emission Electron MicroProbe
LB-24 R. R. Cerchiara E.A. Fischione Instruments, Inc. Sample Preparation of Oil and Gas Shales for EBSD/EDX and FIB/SEM
LB-25 H. Xiong University of New Mexico A Simple Method to Prepare Hydrothermally Stable Nb2O5/Carbon Catalysts for Aqueous-phase Reaction
LB-26 A.P. Lindstrom NIST Preparation of a Wipe with a Known Particles Loading for Recovery Efficiency Studies
LB-27 A. Blackburn Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, UK Magnetic Spiral Phase Plate
LB-28 A.C. Robins E.A. Fischione Instruments, Inc. Optimised Sample Preparation Using Large Area Ion Polishing On Leaded Brass For EBSD Characterisation
LB-29 G. DeRose California Institute of Technology Investigation of Inductively Coupled Plasma / Reactive Ion Etch Characteristics of Mask Materials for Semiconductor Micro and Nanofabrication
LB-30 P. Deshmukh E.A. Fischione Instruments, Inc. Bridging the Gap Between the Environmental Cell (e-cell) Holder Technology and in situ Applications in a (Ccanning) Transmission Electron Microscope
LB-31 M. Mecklenburg The Aerospace Corporation In situ Heating of Graphene Imaged Using Transmission Electron Microscopy
LB-32 X. Yu University of Virginia Filaments from Ignicoccus hospitalis Show Diversity of Packing in Proteins Containing N-terminal Type IV Pilin Helices
LB-33 B. Foran The Aerospace Corporation Characterization of Black Gloss Slips of 5th Century B.C. Athenian Pottery
LB-34 D. Bolser University of Arizona Analysis of a Calcium-Aluminum-Rich Inclusion from the Allende Meteorite Using Electron-Backscatter Diffraction
LB-35 M. Thompson University of Arizona Nanostructural Analysis of a Sulfide Assemblage in an R-Chondrite Meteorite via Large Solid-angle EDS
LB-36 B. Bammes Direct Electron, LP Improving Resolution and Field of View of Electron Cryo-Microscopy With a Larger Direct Detection Device
LB-37 S. Rajasekhara Sandia Laboratories Hydride Formation in Cladding Materials Studied Via In-situ Environmental Heating Transmission Electron Microscopy
LB-38 S. Burgess Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis, UK Improving Low Energy Sensitivity of EDS Detectors – Towards Lithium Detection
LB-39 G. Subramanian Arizona State University ELNES Analysis of Cu in Bi2Se3 Topological Insulators
LB-40 T. Tomohito Nippon Steel Corporation, Japan FIB-SIMS Study on Grain Boundary Segregation of Boron in Steel