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Post-Deadline (PD) Poster Number A/B/P Paper Title Author(s)
PD-1 A Effects of Impurities on Crystal Growth in Sucrose Crystallization Using the Photomicroscopic Technique L. D. Shiau and F. Y. Hsu
PD-2 A In Situ Probing of IgG Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles in Liquids by SEM and ToF-SIMS Xiao-Ying Yu1, Li Yang2, Zihua Zhu2, Eugene Rodek3, Theva Thevuthasan2, and James Cowin
PD-3 A An Alternative Image Alignment Method Based on Reconstructed Cross-section Image Correlations Sachihiko Tomonaga1, Daiki Kato1, Misuzu Baba2, and Norio Baba1
PD-4 A Atomic Resolution Electron Tomography for 3D Imaging of Dislocations in Nanoparticles Chien-Chun Chen1,2, Chun Zhu1,2, Edward R. White1,2, Chin-Yi Chiu2,3, M. C. Scott1,2, B. C. Regan1,2, Laurence D. Marks4, Yu Huang2,3 & Jianwei Miao1
PD-5 A New Ion Source for Focused Ion Beam Nanomachining Applications A.V. Steele1, J. J. McClelland2, and B. Knuffman1
PD-6 A Toward Optimization of Experimental Parameters and Specimen Preparation Factors for Atom-Probe Tomography (APT) of Copper R. Prakash Kolli1, Frederick Meisenkothen2, and Ian M. Anderson2
PD-7 A SEM-EDS Automated Particles Analysis — "INCA Mineral" — Mineral Compositions of Koujaku Granite and Hakkoda Pyroclastic Flow Deposition H.Muto1, A.Shimada2, T.Kaneko1, N.Erdman3 and C.Nielsen3
PD-8 A In-situ TEM observation of electrochemical copper deposition on metal surfaces Y. Oshima*
PD-9 A Advanced Depth Profiling Characterization of Mixed Organic/Inorganic Layers Using X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) and a Combined Monatomic and Gas Cluster Ion Source (MAGCIS) B. R. Strohmeier1, R. G. White2, T. S. Nunney2, P. Mack2
PD-10 A Dynamic analysis of elemental distributions during heating and cooling of an Sn-Ag- Cu alloy with SEM-EDS Masaki Morita, Kaori Nakajima, Hironobu Niimi and Toshiaki Suzuki
PD-11 A Applications of dynamic microstructure observation and chemical analysis with SEM-EDS K. Nakajima1, M. Morita1, H. Niimi1, T. Suzuki1, N. Kikuchi1, N.Erdman2, and C.Nielsen2
PD-12 A Application of Low Energy STEM with the In-lens Cold FE-SEM Takeshi Sunaoshi1, Yoshihisa Orai1, Hiroyuki Ito1, Takeshi Ogashiwa2, Satoshi Okada2, Mitsuru Konno1
PD-13 A Tilt Series Reconstruction and Parallax Problem Kazuo Ishizuka
PD-14 A The Analysis of Catalyst Particle Positions on Supports by SE and HAADF Imaging Yuan Zhao*, Yali Tang*, Dogan Ozkaya**
PD-15 A Lithium Ion Microscopy: Surface Sensitive Imaging with Elemental Contrast and without Charging Effects K. A. Twedt1, 2, L. Chen1 and J. J. McClelland1
PD-16 A 3D Field Ion Microscopy for Characterization of Radiation Damage in Fusion Related Materials Michal Dagan1, Paul Bagot1, Michael Moody1, and Steve Roberts1
PD-17 A Optical Thickness and Optical Volume Measurement of Dynamic Cellular Motion Katherine Creath1,2,3 and Goldie Goldstein1,2
PD-18 A Automation of Tilt Pair Data Acquisition in Single Particle Cryo-Electron Microscopy Lingbo Yu1, Andreas Voigt1, Erik Franken1, Prashant Rao2, Alberto Bartesaghi2, Mario Borgnia2, Michael Alink1, Jason Pierson1 and Sriram Subramaniam2
PD-19 A The Liquid Cell: A New MEMS-based Measurement Platform for Transmission Electron Microscopy Mihaela Tanase1,2, Renu Sharma2 , Glenn Holland2, Vladimir Aksyuk2, Alexander Liddle
PD-20 A Practical Tools for Effective Tracking of Titan Krios Usage Performance and Uptime Michael Alink1, 2, Jason Pierson1, 2, Mario Borgnia3, Alberto Bartesaghi3, Lesley Earl3 and Sriram Subramaniam3
PD-21 A Low Loss EELS Spectroscopy with a Monochromated Cold FEG NION D-STEM R. W. Carpenter1,2, H. Xie3, J. Mardinly1, T. Aoki1, S. Lehner2, Y. O. Wei4, M. Vahidi3, N. Newman3, F. A. Ponce4
PD-22 B 1676724 "Experimental Animal Model for the Pathogenesis Study of Dengue Virus Serotypes 1 and 2/ Technique Manual" Debora Ferreira Barreto Vieira + others
PD-24 B Nanostructure Contribution to the Coloration of Butterfly Wings B Yao; Princeton High School; M Ting; Princeton University
PD-25 B Whole Slide Digital Imaging with Image Quantitation of Lung Fibrosis in a Total Irradiation Mouse Model Kelsey Lipking1, Ethan Ferguson2, Rajendran Sellamuthu2, Christie M. Orschell2 and George Sandusky1
PD-26 B Study of the Induction of Helicobacter pylori Strains Carrying Prophages F.F. Vale1,3 and A.P. Alves de Matos2,3,4
PD-27 B Whole Slide Digital Imaging of Normal Breast Tissue Kristen A. Grothaus1*, Jessica L. Jackson1, Maria F. Alatorre1, Brandon R. Gregory1, Ronne L. Surface1, Constance J. Temm1, Jill E. Henry2, Theresa M. Mathieson2, Constance A. Rufenbarger2, Anna Maria V. Storniolo2, George E. Sandusky1
PD-28 B Fusarium and its Role in Stand Failure of the Annual Grass Bromus tectorum JanaLynn Franke1
PD-29 B Multiscale Correlative Microscopy of the Interaction of Au Nanoparticles with Rat Cortex Neural Progenitor Cells Aric W. Sanders1,2, Ann N. Chiaramonti1,3, Alexandra E. Curtin1, 2, 3, Kavita M. Jeerage3, Cindi L. Schwartz
PD-30 P Structure-property correlation of industrial Si solar cells with screen-printed front side contacts. M. Duerrschnabel1, Z. Aabdin1, R. Hoenig2, F. Clement2, D. Biro2 and O. Eibl1
PD-31 P Growth pathways in ultralow temperature Ge nucleation from Au B. J. Kim*, J. Tersoff**, E. A. Stach*** and F. M. Ross**
PD-32 P Using FE-EPMA to Explore Metal Distributions of Precious Metal Supported Model Catalysts M.G.Myers1, W.A. Lamberti1, and T.E. Helton2
PD-33 P STEM_EELS study on Lithium-excess layered material Li1.2Ni0.2Mn0.6O2--- A mechanism study on the first electrochemical cycling Danna Qian1, Christopher Fell2, Kyler J. Carroll1, Miaofang Chi3 Jacob L. Jones2 and Ying Shirley Meng1, 2
PD-34 P Aberration-Corrected Microscopy Observation of the High-Temperature Behavior of Pt Nanoparticles on Graphene Layers Ayako Hashimoto1,2,3 and Masaki Takeguchi1,3
PD-35 P In-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) Electrochemistry Study of Working and Degradation Mechanisms in Lithium-Ion Batteries Yang Liu1, Xiao Hua Liu1, Kevin R. Zavadil1, Katherine L. Jungjohann1, Ju Li2, Ting Zhu3, S. Tom Picraux4, John P. Sullivan5, Chunsheng Wang6, and Gary W. Rubloff
PD-36 P Characterization of Polymer Conformations using EELS Chen Wang1, Stephen J. Paddison1, and Gerd Duscher2
PD-37 P Reproducible measurement of the mean inner potential of gold nanoparticles using TIE method X. Zhang*,**, Y. Oshima**,***
PD-38 P Microscopic Evaluations of Bismuth Chalcogenides for Energy Applications Gayatri Keskar 1, Ramakrishna Podila2, Lihua Zhang3 Apparao M. Rao2, Lisa D. Pfefferle1
PD-39 P Catalytically Etching Graphene and Graphite by Metal Particles Guangjun Cheng, Irene Calizo, Angela R. Hight Walker
PD-40 P High Resolution Imaging and Characterization of Combustion Emission Nanoparticles Produced from two Advanced Technology Wood Burning Boilers B. Panessa-Warren1, J.B.Warren1, T. Butcher2, R. Trojanowski2, C. Brown2, K. Kisslinger 3, and G. Wei2
PD-41 P Reconstruction of Alumina Grain Boundary Structure at Atomic Scale by Aberration-Corrected HAADF-STEM Zhiyang Yu, Qian Wu, Jeffrey M. Rickman, Helen M. Chan, Martin P. Harmer
PD-42 P Spark Plasma Sintering of Lanthana-Bearing Nanostructured Ferritic Steels Somayeh Pasebani1,4, Indrajit Charit1,4, Yaqiao Wu2,4, Jatu Burns2,4, James I. Cole3,4 and Darryl P.Butt2,4
PD-43 P Applications of Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry in an Industrial Setting Vincent S. Smentkowski
PD-44 P In situ Plasma Cleaning of Samples Prior to XPS and ToF-SIMS Analysis Vincent S. Smentkowski
PD-45 P Application of a Novel and Automated in situ Hybridization Method for the Rapid and Sensitive Localization of mRNA Molecules in Plant Tissues Andrew Bowling
PD-46 P Microstructural SEM characterization, Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Rate Evaluation of Heat Treated Ti-6Al-4V A.S. Khalil and R. Abdel-Rehim
PD-47 P SEM observation of gold in quartz vein from Atud ancient gold mine in centralEastern Desert of Egypt A.S. Khalil and R. Abdel-Rehim