Poster Presentations will be held Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.
Exhibit Hall DEF, Indiana Convention Center

All regular poster presentation notifications will be sent around mid-late April.

Papers will be assigned by the Program Committee to either a Platform or Poster presentation, unless "Prefer Poster" is selected on the Author Data Form in the online paper submission site. Authors will be notified of their assignment by May 1, 2013. Poster assignments will specify a presentation day; however, all posters are required to be displayed for the duration of the meeting.

All accepted abstracts to M&M 2013 will be published on a DVD, with optional on-demand hardcopy printout (this option costs $90 and is NOT included with any conference registration).


  • No A-V equipment will be provided for ANY poster presentations.
  • All posters will be displayed Monday morning through Thursday 12:00 Noon.
  • Poster presenters must remain at their poster on their assigned day during the required hours (TBD).
  • Each poster will be allocated a 92" wide x 46" high display area.
  • Authors must provide their own male velcro hooks or push pins for mounting.
  • A 12-in. high strip at the top of your poster should contain the title of the paper and the name and affiliation of the authors.
  • The poster should have large legible text and figures, and describe the results in a manner that would be clear to a reader in the author's absence.
  • Stereo images may be mounted and presented for stereo viewing using viewers provided by the author.
  • Authors with videotape data are strongly advised to seek a platform presentation.

MSA does not permit any type of recording (photography, video, audio, etc.) of lectures, posters, tutorials, workshops and commercial exhibits at the Microscopy & Microanalysis meeting without prior permission of MSA or the individuals concerned.