Post-Deadline Posters

Information regarding post-deadline posters will be provided around March 1, 2014.

  • Deadline for submission has passed. We look forward to receiving your submission for M&M 2015 in December!

  • Submit your post-deadline poster by emailing in 2-page paper format (.doc; .docx; .pdf) to:

  • Post-Deadline posters are not included in the program proceedings and are not considered "published".

  • Post-Deadline poster papers will be available for review and download (PDF) on the M&M 2014 site around July 20 (see below).

  • No travel support is available for Post-Deadline posters.

  • Post-Deadine poster presentation will be Monday, August 4 from 3-5 pm.

  • Notifications of acceptance of post-deadline posters will be made on Friday, July 11.

  • Post-deadline poster presenters will need to register for the meeting for at least the day of their presentation.

  • Questions? Contact the Meeting Manager at

Post-Deadline (PD) Poster Number Paper Title Author(s)
PD-1 Microscopic characterization of Activated Carbon for Fluoride Removal J. Dominguez-Mendoza1, G. Gonzalez-Sánchez2, L. M. del Razo3, C. González-Horta1, L. Ballinas-Casarrubias1
PD-2 "TomViz: Open-Source Visualization and Analysis Platform for 3D Reconstructions of Materials" Robert Hovden1, Marcus Hanwell2, Utkarsh Ayachit2, David A. Muller1,3
PD-3 Color Calibration of Digital Brightfield Microscope Images Using Colorimetry with a Color Standard Slide Mark Clymer, Hong Wei
PD-4 Hepatoprotective effects of Silymarin on TNF-a/D-GaIN induced Liver Damage Mustafa CENGİZ, H. Mehtap KUTLU, Adnan AYHANCI
PD-5 Imaging of Hydrogen in Zirconium Alloy with Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) : Time of Flight and Quadrupole SIMS Methods N. Mine1, S. Portier1, J-P. Barnes2 and M. Martin1
PD-6 Morphological Changes on H-Ras 5RP7 Cells Caused by Vanadyl Sulphate Djanan Vejselova1, Hatice Mehtap Kutlu2, Mustafa Cengiz3
PD-7 Morphology characterization of TiO2 nanotubes by scanning transmission electron microscopy M. Andrzejczuk1, A. Roguska2, M. Pisarek2, M. Lewandowska1, K. J. Kurzydłowski1
PD-8 Expanding Lab Capabilities with Customizable Analysis Tools Michael R. Funk, Joel Alexa, Robert G. Bryant
PD-9 Compositional and Structural Analysis of Al-doped ZnO Multilayers by LEAP A. D. Giddings1, Y. Wu2, M. A. Verheijen2, T. J. Prosa1, F. Roozeboom2, D. J. Larson1, and W. M. M. Kessels2
PD-10 Color Calibration of Digital Brightfield Microscope Images Using Colorimetry with a Color Standard Slide Mark Clymer, Hong Wei
PD-11 "Visualizing and Correcting Dynamic Specimen Processes in TEM Using a Direct Detection Device" Benjamin E Bammes1, Michael S Spilman1, Zhao Wang2, Corey Hryc2, Joanita Jakana2, Dong-Hua Chen2, Liang Jin1, Robert B. Bilhorn1, and Wah Chiu2
PD-12 Polymer-Derived Ceramics Investigated by Means of Pair Distribution Function from Electron Diffraction in TEM Stefania Hapis1, Hans-Joachim Kleebe1, Yan Gao2, Ralf Riedel2, Jochen Rohrer2, Xiaoke Mu3/4, Peter van Aken3
PD-13 Antennal Cleaner of the Workers and Reproductives of Solenopsis invicta, Red Imported Fire Ant (HymenopteraFormicidae) 1Gerald T. Baker, 2Amanda Lawrence, 1Richard Brown
PD-14 Rapid Processing of Bacillus subtilis for 3D Analysis by FIB-SEM. Erin S. Stempinski1, Kedar Narayan2 and Christine A. Brantner1
PD-15 SEM-EDS: A Faster and Convenient Tool for Complete Elemental Profiling of Refinery Hydroprocessing Catalysts "Vijai S. Balachandran1, Amit A. Deshmukh2, Satyanarayana Reddy Akuri2, Vidyasagar Guggilla2, Jose Nehamiah2, Rajeshwer Dongara2, Vishnupriya Bhaktavatsalam1, and Philip Angevine1"
PD-16 Characterization of Oxidation on Rhenium and its Effects upon Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry Michael E. Summer1, Matthew S. Wellons1, Charles R. Shick, Jr.1 and Glenn A. Fugate1
PD-18 Magnetic Imaging with a Novel Hole-Free Phase Plate. Shawn Pollard1, Marek Malac2,3, Marco Beleggia4, Masahiro Kawasaki5, Yimei Zhu1
PD-19 Nanoscale strain measurements in TEM for electron devices: dual lens dark field electron holography, high angle annular dark field scanning transmission electron microscopy and nano-beam electron diffraction "W. Weng*, Y.Y. Wang*, F.H. Baumann*, M.A. Gribelyuk*, D. Cooper**, A. Pofelski*** and L. Grenouillet**"
PD-20 In-situ TEM Observation of Boundary Migration between Li-rich and Li poor phases in a Single LiMn2O4 Nanowire Battery Soyeon Lee1,2, Yoshifumi Oshima2,3, Eiji Hosono4, Haoshen Zhou4, Kyungsu Kim5, Hansen M. Chang5, Ryoji Kanno5 and Kunio Takayanagi2,6
PD-21 Microscopic Methods for Evaluating Ceria Nanoparticles in Thin Tissue Sections Chen Wang1, Alan Dozier1, M. Eileen Birch1, Uschi Graham2 and Michael Tseng3
PD-22 "Pistachio Bushy Top Syndrome: The Association Between Rhodococcus sp. and Clonal UCB-1 Rootstock in Arizona and California" J. Kilcrease, R. Stamler, J. Randall
PD-23 Optimization of secondary electron imaging of zeolite materials using in-lens techniques Yuan Zhao* and Dogan Ozkaya**
PD-24 Thermally Optimized Design of Cooling Stage for in situ ESEM Experimentation Xiaoda Sun*, Zhenquan Liu**, and K. Rykaczewski*
PD-25 The use of branched DNA ISH (RNAscope™) to characterize the systemic spread of RNAi effects throughout the body of western corn rootworm larvae Andrew J. Bowling1, Heather E. Pence1, Murugesan Rangasamy1, Huarong Li1, and Ken Narva1
PD-26 Quantitative strain analysis of a creep damaged hydrogen reformer tube made out of high alloyed austenitic stainless steel using EBSD and quantitative NDE to enable remaining life prediction. Sai Vadlamani1, J.E.Indacochea1, Didem Ozevin1 and Travis Rampton2
PD-27 Nanobeam Beam Diffraction (NBD) in the TEM for Drift-corrected Strain Mapping in Semiconductor Devices Frieder H. Baumann
PD-28 Ultra-thin Graphene Window for airSEM "Yimo Han1, Kayla Nguyen2 and Yonghun Lee1 Justin Richmond Decker1 Jiwoong Park2 David A Muller1"
PD-29 Prevention of heavy charging of silicon nitride membrane of liquid cells with phase contrast observation Goshu Tamura1, 2, Utkur Mirsaidov1, 3 and Paul Matsudaira1, 2, 4
PD-30 Liquid Electrochemical Cell for in-situ TEM Studies of Batteries Khim Karki1, Peng Gao1, Wei Zhang1, Daan Hein Alsem2, Norman Salmon2, and Feng Wang1
PD-31 Cryo-STEM for Energy Materials Research Michael J. Zachman1, Jennifer L. Schaefer2, Lynden A. Archer2, Lena F. Kourkoutis1,3
PD-32 Direct Visualization of The Jahn-Teller Effect Coupled to Na Ordering in Na5/8MnO2 Xin Li1, Xiaohua Ma1, Dong Su2, Lei Liu1, Robin Chisnell3, Shyue Ping Ong1, Hailong Chen1, Alexandra Toumar1, Juan-Carlos Idrobo5, Yuechuan Lei1, Jianming Bai6, Feng Wang7, Jeffrey W. Lynn4, Young S. Lee3, Gerbrand Ceder1
PD-33 Core Facility Management at the Intersection of Academia and Industry - How to Connect and Not Collide Along the Cutting Edge of Scientific Research Guy DeRose1, Melissa Melendes1
PD-34 Investigation of KTP and BTO Ferroelectric Domain Behavior Through In-situ TEM Biasing James Hart1, Andrew Lang1, Hessam Ghessami1, Miryam Arredondo2, Mitra L. Taheri1
PD-35 The Distribution of DCOIT and a Fluorescent Tracer Dye in Southern Yellow Pine Peter Eastman1, Christoph Schauwecker2, David Laganella3
PD-36 "Using focused ion beam to fabricate anodic aluminum oxide arrays arranged in custom-designed geometry for manufacturing metamaterials" Pai-Chia Kuo1, Kun-Tong Tsai2, Jessie Shiue1, and Yuh-Lin Wang2