2015 Sponsors

Microscopy Outreach

X90 Microscopy in the Classroom
Craig Queenan, Alyssa Waldron, Dave Becker

  • Best Practices for incorporating microscopy into K-12 classrooms and curricula
  • Local and national institutions and programs involved in microscopy outreach
  • Methods to expose students to microscopy in an engaging and successful manner

X91 Family Affair
Elaine Humphrey, Frauke Hogue, Stuart McKernan

  • The exciting world of microscopy for attendees’ family and friends
  • A mystery to solve with microscopy
  • Materials science and biological science

X92 A Project MICRO Workshop: Learn to See with the Private Eye
Kerry Ruef, David Melody

  • Project MICRO workshop of microscopy in classrooms for teachers and meeting attendees
  • Does your funding source require outreach? The Private Eye workshop can help you
  • Learning how to SEE is more basic than learning how to use a microscope
  • Think with the eyes and see with the brain. Come to this workshop to learn how to do this!
  • Learn how to bring arts-based teachers into science with the Private Eye