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Additional Topics for Papers

Organizers: Executive Program Committee

Potential additional session topics in the three categories (Instrumentation & Techniques, Biological Sciences, and Physical Sciences) are listed below. If a sufficient number of submissions on a topic are received, the Executive Program Committee will organize a special session on that topic; if not, the papers will be redirected to the closest topical area.

Instrumentation & Techniques

C01 Advances in Instrumentation and Techniques — General
C02 Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction
C03 Variable Pressure/Environmental SEM
C04 Imaging, Diffraction, Holography, Spectroscopy
C05 Stereology
C06 Infrared and Raman Microscopy and Microanalysis
C07 Remote Microscopy and Collaboration
C09 Forensic Science
C10 Quality Systems and Standards
C11 Core Facility Management

Biological Sciences

C12 Biological Sciences — General
C13 Specimen Preparation for Biological Sciences
C14 Biomimetics
C15 Blood/Immunology
C16 Botany
C17 Cytoskeleton
C18 Developmental/Reproductive Biology
C19 Entomology
C20 Histology and Cytochemistry
C21 Microbiology
C22 Neurobiology
C23 Parasitology

Physical Sciences

C24 Physical Sciences — General
C25 Specimen Preparation for Materials Sciences
C26 Amorphous Materials
C27 Alloys and Composites
C28 Engineered Materials
C29 Interfaces
C30 Magnetic, Superconducting & Ferroelectric Materials
C31 Modulated Structures
C32 Oxidation/Corrosion
C33 Phase Transformations
C34 Porous Materials
C35 Self-Assembly
C36 Semiconductors