M&M 2016


Physical Sciences Tutorials

X43 Diffraction Mapping and 4D STEM
Speaker: Christopher Gammer

  • Recent developments in fast electron detectors enable recording maps of diffraction patterns during STEM acquisition
  • The recorded dataset allows reconstruction of virtual diffraction patterns from arbitrarily small regions or virtual dark-field images with specifically designed apertures
  • Strain mapping using nanobeam electron diffraction combines nanometer resolution with a high precision and a very large field of view

X44: Compressive Sensing Applications in Microscopy
Speaker: Andrew Stevens

  • Compressive sensing (CS) background
  • How CS is different from traditional low does and high-speed techniques
  • Some approaches for CS microscopy (e.g., scanning probe, parallel beam, spectroscopy)
  • Implementation difficulties


Biological Sciences Tutorials

X40 Career Tracks in Government and Industry: A Panel Discussion
Speakers: Benjamin Bammes, DirectElectron; Gabriella Kiss, FEI; Paula Flicker, NIH

X41 Effective Tactics for Getting an Equipment Grant
Speaker: Ken Taylor, Florida State University

X42: Building and Validating Atomic Models for EM Density Maps
Speaker: Matthew Baker, Baylor College of Medicine