M&M 2017

Guidelines for Exhibitor Workshops


  1. M&M does not contract space for vendor-sponsored workshops. Individual exhibitors must contract for space directly with the venue. Use of meeting rooms in nearby hotels, rather than the convention center, is strongly encouraged.

  2. The use of meeting rooms in the convention center is discouraged. This is to avoid confusion with official meeting events. If you wish to hold your event in the convention center, you must book directly with the convention center staff. The booking will in turn be approved by the M&M meeting manager before it can be confirmed with the exhibiting company.

  3. Booking a vendor-sponsored workshop in an offsite venue reduces the chances of a competing vendor (innocently or otherwise) sending an observer to listen in.

  4. No vendor-sponsored workshop/tutorial/public lecture/seminar etc. may be scheduled to compete with any official M&M events, including: symposia, workshops, award ceremonies, poster presentations.

  5. Available times for vendor workshops:
    Before 7:30 AM
    12:00-1:30 PM
    After 5:30 PM
    All times are available
    All times are available

  6. Vendors are encouraged not to topically compete with Sunday Short Courses and/or any Pre-Meeting Congresses. Please refer to the “Scientific Program” area of the M&M 2017 website for program details.

  7. M&M does not advertise or take reservations for any vendor hosted events. All arrangements and costs associated with the event, including room rental, signage, audio-visual, internet, food & beverage, etc. is the responsibility of the vendor. A vendor may use their own booth space to take reservations or to advertise for these events.

Contact the Meeting Manager.


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