M&M 2017

Anniversary Lectures by Pioneering Figures in Microscopy & Microanalysis


MSA 75th Anniversary Lecture in the Biological Sciences (X70):

Development of High-resolution TEM for Imaging Native, Radiation-sensitive Biomolecules

Robert M. Glaeser, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; University of California, Berkeley


MSA 75th Anniversary Lecture in the Physical Sciences (X71):

Smarter Than an iPhone: The Emergence of the Modern Microscope

Ondrej L. Krivanek, Nion R&D; Arizona State University


MAS 50th Anniversary Lecture in the Analytical Sciences (X72):

Microanalysis: What Is It, Where Did It Come From, and Where Is It Going?

Dale E. Newbury, National Institute of Standards and Technology


IFES Lecture Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Invention of the Atom Probe (X73):

Point-Projection Microscopy

John A. Panitz, University of New Mexico


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