M&M 2017

X62 Smaller, Faster, Better: New Instrumentation for Electron Microscopy

Sunday, August 6, 2017 * 8:30 AM � 5:00 PM
Included in Registration Fee: Breakfast, AM Break, Lunch, PM Break

Organized by the Aberration-Corrected Electron Microscopy (ACEM) Focused Interest Group

Juan-Carlos Idrobo, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Robert Klie, University of Illinois, Chicago
Huolin Xin, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Paul Voyles, University of Wisconsin
Phil Rice, IBM

Developments in instrumentation drive new science. Now, two decades after the first working aberration correctors, this pre-meeting congress will address the question, what�s next? Topic covered will include advances in: detectors, especially high-speed pixelated and segmented detectors; monochromators to achieve energy resolution below 10 meV; aberration correctors, especially at low voltage; fast beam manipulation, especially for compressed sensing; and high brightness sources. Example applications and supporting advances in data processing and simulation will also be included. The meeting will consist of invited talks and a poster session.

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