M&M 2017

Post-Deadline Posters

The post-deadline poster submission deadline has passed. No additional submissions are being accepted at this time. We look forward to seeing your work at M&M 2018 in Baltimore.

Click on each paper title to link to the original 2-page paper. All Post-Deadline Papers below will be presented as Posters on Monday, August 7, 2017 from 3-5 PM, in the poster area of the M&M 2017 Exhibit Hall.

Post-deadline papers are not included in the program or proceedings.

Board Number Presenter Name Paper Title
PDP-1 Siddardha Koneti Rapid Tomography in Environmental TEM: Solutions for a Fast Analysis of Nano-Materials in 3D Under in situ Conditions
PDP-2 Siddardha Koneti Real time 3D Environmental TEM In-depth Study of Catalytic Soot Combustion on Zirconia-based Catalysts
PDP-3 Justin Ondry Dynamics and Removal Pathway of b= 1/2 <110>; Edge Dislocations in Imperfectly Attached PbTe Nanocrystals; Towards Design Rules for Oriented Attachment
PDP-4 Jacques Gierak FIB Nanowriter Developments: Challenging the Paradigm, Progress, and Perspectives
PDP-5 Zhiya Dang Temperature Dependent Study of Electron Beam-induced Transformation of Cesium Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals
PDP-6 Thomas Albrecht Chemical Mapping at the Nanoscale by Photo-induced Force Microscopy
PDP-7 Eiji Usukura A Cryosectioning Technique for the Observation of Intracellular Structures and Immunocytochemistry of Tissues in Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
PDP-8 K. N. Tran Microstructural Evolution of Reverse Sensitization Heat Treatment of Aluminum 5456
PDP-9 Nasser Hamden Microanalysis of Fine and Ultrafine Indoor Aerosol Pollutants in Sharjah, UAE
PDP-10 Priyanka Anand Low Temperature Electron Diffraction Studies of the Verwey Transition of Magnetite
PDP-11 Ji Hee Kwon Observation of Hematite with Various Shapes by Scanning Electron Microscopy
PDP-12 Dennis Paul Auger Electron Spectroscopy Analysis of Fresh and Aged Alumina Supported Silver Catalysts
PDP-13 Eric Formo Utilizing STEM for the Determination of How Morphology Affects the Aging Mechanism of Ag Nanostructures in Aquatic Environs
PDP-14 Zhi-Peng Li Quantitative FIB-SEM 3D Tomography for Failure Analysis in Data Storage Industry
PDP-15 Andreas Geiger Sparse Sampling Image Reconstruction In Lissajous Beam-scanning Microscopy
PDP-16 Shogo Kataoka Wide Area Cross-section Milling by Using Cross Section Polisher
PDP-17 Caleb Carreño-Gallardo Effect of Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNs) Reinforcement on the Mechanical Behavior of Synthesis 7075 Aluminum Alloy Composites by Mechanical Milling
PDP-18 Mei-li Qi In situ TEM Visualization of Superior Nanomechanical Flexibility of an Individual Hydroxyapatite Nanobelt
PDP-19 Yuki Sasaki In-situ Observation of Individual Ferritin Molecules in Graphene Sandwiched Structure
PDP-20 Ryuji Yoshida Simulation investigation of Compact Cs/Cc Corrector with Annular and Circular Electrodes for SEM
PDP-21 Francisco Capani Alteration in Synapses Induced by Perinatal Asphyxia
PDP-22 M.C. Maldonado-Orozco Microstructural Characterization of LiNbO 3 and LiNbO3:Mn Nanofibers Synthesized by Electrospinning
PDP-23 Rayne Lim Ultrastructural Retinal Neuronal Changes in Juvenile Miniature Ossabaw Pigs Fed a Western Diet
PDP-24 Josef Brown Water Vapor Assisted Electron Beam Patterning of PMMA
PDP-25 James Torres Characterization of Hydrophilic Cupric Oxide Nanostructures - Towards Tunable Vitreous-Ice Film Thickness
PDP-26 Kun-Lin Lin Interfacial Characterization of Metals/GaSb Contacts using Transmission Electron Microscopy
PDP-27 Jiangtao Zhu Electron Vortex Beam Characterization of L10 FePt Nanograins
PDP-28 Ismail Oztel Segmentation of Mitochondria in Electron Microscopy Volumes using Deep Learning
PDP-29 Mark Homer Preparation of Bismuth Telluride Specimens for TEM
PDP-30 Jan Rusz Delocalization of Magnetic Scattering Intensity in Spectrum Images Measured with Atomic Size Electron Beams
PDP-31 Haw-Tyng Huang Phase Identification of Acetylene Benzene Cocrystal Derived Carbon Nanophases
PDP-32 Anna Pittman Enhancing the Precision of Biophysical Force Spectroscopy Assays using Focused Ion Beam Modified Cantilevers
PDP-33 M.C. Maldonado-Orozco Nanofibers Synthesized by Electrospinning: Microstructural Characterization of BaTiO 3 and Mn doped
PDP-34 Karl Hujsak High Speed Analytical Electron Microscopy with Machine Learning and Dynamic Sampling
PDP-35 Gianpiero Torraca Progress Towards 21 CFR Part 11 Data Integrity Compliance in a GMP Environment of a Forensics Lab in the Pharmaceutical/Biopharmaceutical Industry
PDP-36 Gi-Yeop Kim STEM-EELS Observation of Particular Ferroelectric State in the PbTiO 3 /SrTiO 3 Superlattice film
PDP-37 Yuanyuan Zhu Application of STEM Diffraction Contrast Imaging and Chemical Analysis for a Comprehensive Characterization of Nuclear Reactor Structural Alloys
PDP-38 Anette von der Handt Improving EPMA Analysis of Beam-Sensitive Materials by a Combined Mapping and Time-Dependent Intensity Correction Approach
PDP-39 Zhengyang Wang Transmission Electron Microscopy Microanalysis of Various Iron-based Carbonaceous Sorbents for Arsenate Adsorption
PDP-40 Mariia Goriacheva Chemically Induced Controlled Growth of CsPbBr 3 Perovskite Nanocrystals
PDP-41 Jian-Guo Zheng A Combination of Focus Ion Beam and NanoMill for TEM Specimen Preparation
PDP-42 Alice Greenberg Manipulation of Nanoparticles in Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy via Electron Vortex Beams
PDP-43 Patrick Price Converting the in situ Ion Irradiation TEM into a Dynamic TEM
PDP-44 M.J. Lagos Electron Energy-Gain Processes in Nanostructures induced by Fast Electrons
PDP-45 Brian Shevitski Mapping Crystallographic Order in Pseduo-2D Chalcogenide Thin Films
PDP-46 Jason Holm Angularly-Selective Diffraction Imaging Using an Individually Addressable Micromirror Array
PDP-47 A.R. Mazza Investigating Hydrogenation at the Interface of SiC(000-1) and Graphene via Cross Sectional High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy
PDP-48 Alec Day Advanced Reconstruction and Crystallographic Analysis in Atom Probe Tomography
PDP-49 Narahari Akkaladevi Flexible Hinges in Bacterial Chemoreceptors
PDP-50 Andrew Muenks Preliminary EM Studies of Bacterial Phosphoglucosamine Mutase
PDP-51 Hyosun Choi The Lysosomal Positioning of mTOR Regulator and Regulation of Autophagy
PDP-52 Steven Goodman Fast, Walk-away, Automated Processing of Mammalian Tissue for LM and TEM
PDP-53 Xavier Heiligstein The HPM Live μ - From Live Cell Imaging to High Pressure Freezing in Less than 2 Seconds for Correlative Microscopy Approaches
PDP-54 Jia Hao Yeo Can You Pass Some Mitochondria? Do Erythroblasts Share Mitochondria During Red Blood Cell Production?
PDP-55 Karen Kirby Discovery and Characterization of Antivirals Targeting the Hepatitis B Virus Capsid with a Novel Mechanism Action
PDP-56 Steven Goodman Preparing LR White Embedded Tissue with mPrep/s Specimen Capsules
PDP-57 Megan Haney Establishing TEM Markers of Laryngeal Nerve Injury in a Translational Mouse Model
PDP-58 Erica Majumder Visualization of Adsorption, Absorption and Precipitation of Uranium Minerals by Environmental Bacteria for Bioremediation of Radionuclide-Contaminated Sites
PDP-59 Melainia McClain Rapid Automated en Bloc Staining for SEM of Sections
PDP-60 Babak Shalchi Amirkhiz Structure-properties Relationship of Ultrafine-grained V-microalloyed Dual Phase Steels
PDP-61 Berit Goodge Atomic Resolution Rapid Spectroscopic Mapping By Direct Electron Detection
PDP-62 Hanseung Lee Cryogenic Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM) Studies: Structure and Formation of Self-assembled Nanostructures in Solution
PDP-63 Ashish Suri A Miniature Electron Energy Analyzer for the Scanning Electron Microscopes
PDP-64 Anna Ceguerra Atom Probe Study of a Stable Al-Mn-Pd Quasicrystal
PDP-65 Toby Sanders Alignment and Autofocusing Techniques for Electron Tomography
PDP-66 Xiaoqiang Qi Autophagy Contributing to Tumor Recurrence after Radiofrequency Ablation in a Clinically Relevant Murine Model of HCC
PDP-67 Abigail Lindstrom An Easy Preparation is Not Necessarily the Best Preparation
PDP-68 Kyun Seong Dae Direct Observation of Calcium Carbonate Precipitation Using in situ Liquid Transmission Electron Microscopy
PDP-69 Kenneth Fahy Development of a Commercial Laboratory Scale Soft X-ray Microscope
PDP-70 Benjamin Bammes New Improvements in Direct Detection for TEM
PDP-71 Tim Prost Persistence of Inhomogeneity from Feedstock Powder to Resulting Electron Beam Additive Manufactured Builds in Ni-based Superalloys
PDP-72 Arthur McCray Orientational Disorder in Epitaxially Connected Quantum Dot Solids
PDP-73 Brandi Lee MacDonald SEM Methods for Pigment Characterization of Pictograph Fragments
PDP-74 Said Mansour Correlative and in-situ Materials Imaging and Characterization Capabilities at HBK University in Qatar
PDP-75 Nabraj Bhattarai Beam-driven Chemistry in Suspensions of PbTe Nanocrystals using in situ Liquid Cell TEM
PDP-76 Kiminori Toyooka Effective Detection of Fluorescence-labeled Plant Organelles in Resin Section using MirrorCLEM with FE-SEM
PDP-77 Asher Kantor Arbovirus Dissemination Across the Midgut Basal Lamina, a Barrier To Arbovirus Infection of Aedes aegypti
PDP-78 Rui Zhang Probing Morphology and Cellular Processing of Peptide Amphiphile Micelle Vaccines Utilizing Electron Microscopy
PDP-79 Timothy Pegg Remodeling of Pectic Polysaccharides in Pisum sativum Root Cortical Cells during Hypoxia-induced Aerenchyma Formation
PDP-80 Murugesan Raju Effect of Smoke Extracts on the Structure and Function of Mitochondria

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