M&M 2017



Physical Sciences Tutorials

Organizer: D.N. Leonard, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

X40 Large Scale Data Acquisition and Analysis for Materials Imaging and Spectroscopy

Stephen Jesse, Sergei Kalinin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

  • Increasing Bandwidth, Control, and Resolution of Microscopes Using Customized Data Acquisition Hardware
  • Multivariate Analysis for Mining Spectral-Imaging Data to Map Functional Properties
  • Microscopy in the Cloud – Utilizing High Performance Computing Infrastructure for Advanced Large Scale Analysis
  • Microscopy in a Crowd – Building Environments for Collaborative Data Analysis and Processing


X41 Entrepreneurship in the Microscopy Community

Robert Hirche, ICMAS Inc.

Several entrepreneurs from the microscopy community will be in attendance for a round table Q&A with tutorial attendees on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Instrumentation development and commercialization
  • Practical steps to take when starting your own microscopy based business
  • Panel discussion on business start-up best practices
  • Role of local affiliated microscopy societies in bringing microscopists and businesses together


Biological Sciences Tutorials

Organizer: Tommi A. White, University of Missouri

X42 CryoEM with Phase Plates

Radostin Danev, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry (Germany)

  • Introduction to phase plates
  • Setting up cryo-tomography and single particle data acquisition with a phase plate
  • Processing of phase plate single particle data


X43 Practical Strategies for Cryo-CLEM Experiments

Cheri Hampton, Emory University

  • Available methodologies for Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM)
  • Emphasis on cryo-fLM paired with cryo-EM/ET
  • Practical considerations and troubleshooting for biological sample preparation
  • Applications for virus-host interactions and virus structure including bacterial and mammalian systems


X44 Freeze Fracture, Deep-Etch & 3D Anaglyphs

Robyn Roth, Washington University

  • Freeze fracture
  • Deep-Etch
  • 3D Anaglyphs


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