M&M 2017

2017 Mobile App / M&M On the Go

The M&M 2017 Mobile App is now available!

To download the M&M 2017 Mobile App, search for "M&M Annual Meeting" in the Apple App Store or on Google Play. The dark and light blue icon (to the left) should pop up, and you can install the app for free.

Want to see a desktop version? Go to https://app.core-apps.com/msa_2017

Did you use it in Columbus?

  1. If it's still on your device, click on it to open and/or update. Follow any instructions to update the app (your device may have updated the app on its own). If it's not still on your device, see below.
  2. If the app brings you to the M&M 2016 show (red and tan colors), click the "Settings" gear in the upper right corner, and click/press Exit To Show List. This will bring you to the Multi-Show app home screen.
  3. Click on the 2017 show option (orange and blue colors).

Is this your first time using the M&M app?

  1. Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. Search M&M Annual Meeting (navy blue & white "On the Go" icon).
  3. Download. Open.

A Word About Device Safety and Security:
We understand that everyone is concerned about device safety and security. A detailed explanation about the various app permissions is listed below. This is good information to know, not just for M&M’s app, but for any app that you may download onto your device. Meeting management and our app developer welcome your feedback.

The permissions dialogue cannot be edited or customized; it is set forth by Apple and Android. If there is a feature listed - i.e. Photos, Local Places, or Friends - which is not activated on your app, that is one less thing for a user to be concerned with. Unfortunately, we cannot remove any specific permission accordingly.

The Google Play and Apple App Stores are very strict on reporting every part of your device that our app might be coming in contact with. While this is good in that it protects a user from possibly malicious apps, it can make honest apps like ours look suspect.

Here's a brief explanation of the some of the ways that the M&M app comes in contact with your device:

  1. Modify or delete the contents of USB storage
    Nearly all apps will say this. It means we'll be storing data on your phone.
  2. Monitor my location
    The location is used in our Local Places feature, which provides a map to nearby restaurants and venues and then shows you where you are on the map.
  3. Read phone call status and identity
    The app needs to know if the phone is in use before it can place calls - for example, some exhibitors list a phone number and we allow you to dial straight from the app.
  4. Allow it to send data to the internet without my permission
    Changes you make in the app, such as to your Friends or Profile feature, need to be sent to the server. We don't want to alert the user every time because it would be frequent and irritating.
  5. Take pictures and videos
    The app allows you to upload photos, so we need to be able to access your camera.
  6. Add or modify calendar events, send email to guests without my knowledge, read my calendar events and confidential information, read my contacts, modify data about my contacts, monitor frequency of calls/emails/etc, delete contact information, share my contact data without my knowledge
    This rather dramatic language simply means that the app can read your contact list, which enables it to do things like send friends invitations to the app and friend codes. Though it says "without your knowledge," the app actually asks you before it does these things.
  7. Automatically run at startup
    The app needs to run when you start your phone so we can show you notifications even if the app isn't on-screen. This is part of sending Push notifications.
  8. Control vibration and flashlight on my phone
    The app can buzz when you get an alert or friend message.
  9. Accept cloud to device messages
    Cloud messages come from our server and are part of the Alerts and Friends features.
  10. View WiFi connection info including whether WiFi is enabled and the name of connected devices and view network connections
    We need to know if there's Internet access before we can update the content in your app.
  11. Get list of all accounts on phone
    This is another terribly worded permission. What this means is that the app has permission to get a list of all the accounts set up on the phone -- but these are the email and calendar accounts only. We need this permission so that when we're sending emails from the app, the user can pick which account to use.

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