For Authors & Presenters

The paper submission portal is now closed. The final submission deadline of 22 February has passed.

If you wish to submit a paper for post-deadline poster presentation, please CLICK HERE for more information.
Post-deadline papers need to be submitted by June 25, 2019.


For Platform Presenters

  1. Computers are NOT provided for your presentation. You must bring or arrange for your own computer for your presentation. Both Mac and PC formats are supported.
  2. The default ratio for projectors at M&M 2019 is 16:9 (high definition). Please plan your slides accordingly. A 4:3 ratio will work; however, there will be black vertical bars on either side of your projected image.
  3. Both HDMI and VGA cables will be provided. We recommend HDMI for HD projectors.
  4. If you don't have a computer to bring, ask your symposium organizer or session chair if you can use another presenter's machine.
  5. If you bring a computer, please make sure that you have administrative access and know the password.
  6. If possible, we suggest bringing your presentation on a flash drive and/or storing it online so that you have access to it in case your computer has technical problems.
  7. Please note - morning symposia will begin at 8:30 am and 10:30 am, and afternoon symposia will begin at 1:30 pm and (Thursday only) 3:30 pm.
  8. If you wish to preview your presentation, a Speaker Ready Room will be available in the Oregon Convention Center.

For Poster Presenters

Posterboards at the M&M
meeting look like this.


MSA does not permit any type of recording (photography, video, audio, etc.) of lectures, posters, tutorials, workshops and commercial exhibits at the Microscopy & Microanalysis meeting without prior permission of MSA or the individuals concerned.

Papers vs. Abstracts

The published proceedings for the M&M meeting are 2-page scientific papers (required of all contributors), which are reviewed by at least two members of the Program Committee for content, format, and appropriateness. These can be referenced in your subsequent publications, and are published by Cambridge Core as a supplement to the journal Microscopy and Microanalysis.

This is in marked contrast to other meetings that distribute ABSTRACTS (usually only to attendees), and these abstracts are typically not available as references for future work.

Key scientific "firsts" are routinely reported in the M&M Proceedings, whereby priority can be documented. We highlight new and innovative developments, as well as informational and tutorial content. You will be able to find electronic copies of our papers online using the standard publisher DOI referencing system, and requests are routinely made for copies of our short papers. Our Proceedings, a compendium of meaningful reports, with full access, is not typical of other meetings. This adds to the popularity of the M&M annual meetings.

For use in future publications or presentations, MSA releases a free copyright for publication of content (including images) that were used in the meeting's Proceedings. The Proceedings papers are published on digital media, online on the Microscopy and Microanalysis (Cambridge Core) homepage as Supplement 3 to the Journal, and as a hardbound Print-on-Demand option. Most Proceedings papers are on the Web of Science. Medline usually does not reference the Proceedings papers.


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