X61 — Current Status and Horizons of Electron Microscopy in Liquids and Gases

**Organized by the MSA Electron Microscopy in Liquids and Gases (EMLG) Focused Interest Group**

Monday, August 3, 2020 • Virtual Meeting (Registration required)

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Wei-Chang David Yang, National Institute of Standards and Technology
See Wee Chee, Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Germany
Rosa Diaz, Arizona State University
Joshua L. Vincent, Arizona State University
Henry O. Ayoola, University of Pittsburgh
Stephen D. House, University of Pittsburgh
Katherine Jungjohann, Sandia National Laboratories
Huolin Xin, University of California-Irvine

New developments in electron microscopy (EM) instrumentation now enable the observation and measurement of nanoscale processes in liquid and gas environments for in situ/operando studies. These studies, performed at high spatial resolution and under various stimuli, such as heat, electric fields, and reactive liquid/gas environments, can provide fundamental insight into the structure, chemistry, and functionality of materials and biological molecules in their native or working conditions. This one-day pre-meeting congress (PMC) organized by the MSA Electron Microscopy in Liquids and Gases (EMLG) Focused Interest Group will provide a platform for communicating technical challenges and practical knowledge associated with capturing dynamic processes in liquids or gases with EM. We will also draw attention to new approaches and emerging technologies in data acquisition and analysis, focusing on the horizon of the field and discussing future roadmaps that may lead there. The format of the congress will consist of plenary presentations from invited speakers, panel discussions, and a poster session contributed by PMC attendees. Topics covered within this PMC include:


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