Guidelines for Exhibitor Workshops

  1. M&M will work to contract space for vendor-sponsored workshops based on available space. Use of meeting space off-site, away from the convention center may also be an option.
  2. Booking a vendor-sponsored workshop in an offsite venue reduces the chances of a competing vendor (innocently or otherwise) sending an observer to listen in.
  3. No vendor-sponsored workshop/tutorial/public lecture/seminar etc. may be scheduled to compete with any official M&M events, including: symposia, workshops, award ceremonies, poster presentations.
  4. Available times for vendor workshops:

      Before 7:30 AM
      12:00-1:30 PM
      After 5:30 PM

      All times are available

      All times are available

  5. Vendors are encouraged not to topically compete with Sunday Short Courses and/or any Pre-Meeting Congresses. Please refer to the Scientific Program area of the M&M 2022 website for program details.
  6. M&M does not advertise or take reservations for any vendor hosted events. All arrangements and costs associated with the event, including room rental, signage, audio-visual, internet, food & beverage, etc. is the responsibility of the vendor. A vendor may use their own booth space to take reservations or to advertise for these events.

Contact the Meeting Manager.