Education Committees


The Education Committee is a team of highly motivated members of MSA voluntarily contributing their time and effort. The Committee Members are dedicated to the development and successful implementation of educational and instructional programs for the benefit of the members of the Society as well as others seeking to gain knowledge of microscopy and its associated techniques.

Over the years, the Education Committee has grown in size and responsibility, with many divergent subcommittees. This made it difficult to oversee and properly manage all activities. Understanding this issue, Council charged the Education Committee to split into smaller committees to make it easier to follow the activities of groups within it. By unifying these smaller committees toward a single defined goal, this will strengthen the role of Education within the Society.

It was most natural to create two committees, one involved with Educational Resources during the M&M meeting and the other with Educational Outreach associated with outside activities.

We continue to serve the MSA as the Education Committees. We welcome anyone who has an interest and is willing to donate their time and energy to serve on the committee. We also welcome your ideas and input as to how these committees can serve the members of the society for the purpose of learning. Suggestions and comments may be sent to the Committee or Subcommittee Chair.

Committees and Subcommittees

Educational Resources - M&M Meeting

Chair - Miaofang Chi (Email)


Sub-Committee Chair


Short Courses

Mike Marko

In-Meeting Workshops

Mike Marko


Pre-Meeting Workshops

Mike Marko


Science Tutorials

Scott Stagg/Biological
Patrick Phillips/Materials

Vendor Tutorials

James Martinez

CEMU Program

Caroline Miller

Book Library

Caroline Miller


Educational Outreach

Chair - Josh Silverstein (Email)

Co-Chair - Isabel Boona (Email)


Sub-Committee Chair


Microscopy in the Classroom

Donovan Leonard

Project Micro

Elaine Humphrey
Caroline Schooley

Undergraduate Scholarships

Ralph Albrecht