Get Involved in the Society

MSA could not function without its volunteers — they represent the life-blood of the Society. Volunteers form the core of all committees and Focused Interest Groups and their participation enables MSA to provide more benefits to its members.

There are many levels of participation. Some tasks can be done throughout the year at your own facility (such as judging applicant samples for the Certification Board). Some areas are busiest immediately prior to the annual M&M meeting (such as assisting with the Membership Committee's student mixer). Some jobs are done during the annual meeting (like judging posters or holding down the fort for the Technologists' Forum at the MSA Megabooth). Some tasks take place after the M&M meeting (such as helping plan the program for a Focused Interest Group for the following year's meeting). And if you should happen to be a local individual in the host city for one of the upcoming M&M meetings, a great way to help visitors enjoy your city is to join the Host Committee and assist with hospitality planning.

There are obviously many more opportunities for volunteers than listed here. Please fill out the form below or contact an MSA Council member or committee chair to find what you can do to help.

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