Awards & Scholarships

2018 M&M Postdoctoral Students


Benjamin Caplins* — National Institute of Standards and Technology
Developing a Programmable STEM Detector for the Scanning Electron Microscope
*Eric Samuel Memorial Scholarship

Zhen Chen — Cornell University
Real-space Demonstration of 0.4 Angstrom Resolution at 80 keV via Electron Ptychography with a High Dynamic Range Pixel Array Detector

Emre Firlar — University of Illinois at Chicago
Investigation of the Magnetosome Biomineralization in Magnetotactic Bacteria using GLC-TEM

Jordan Hachtel — Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Atomic-resolution Electric Field Measurements with a Universal Detector

Stephen House — University of Pittsburgh
In situ Insights into the Uncorking and Oxidative Decomposition Dynamics of Gold Nanoparticle Corked Carbon Nanotube Cups for Drug Delivery

Yi Jiang — Cornell University
Breaking the Rayleigh Limit in Thick Samples with Multi-slice Ptychography

Maureen Lagos — McMaster University (Canada)
Nanoscale Temperature Measurements using Phonon Scattering

Kunpeng Li* — Purdue University
2.5 Ã… Resolution Cryo-EM Structure of Human Apo-ferritin Using an Optimized Workflow for Volta Phase Plate
*Robert P. Apkarian Memorial Scholarship (Biological Sciences)

Alejandra Londono-Calderon — Ames Laboratory
In-Situ Nucleation, Growth and Evolution of Au Nanoparticles during Metallization of DNA Origami Visualized with HAADF-STEM

Jiashi Miao — Ohio State University
Dislocation Characterization using Weak Beam Dark Field STEM Imaging

Mario Mietzsch* — University of Florida
Structural Characterization of Emerging Pathogenic Human Parvoviruses
*Raleigh & Clara Miller Award

Darius Pohl — Technische Universität Dresden (Germany)
The Role of Spatial Coherence for the Creation of Atom Size Electron Vortex Beams

Paul Smeets — Northwestern University
Atomic Resolution STEM Imaging of Human Enamel Crystallites and Characterization of its Localized Impurities

Hongyu Sun* — Technical University of Denmark (Denmark)
Anisotropic Nanoscale Galvanic Replacement Reactions Studied by Liquid Cell Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
*Robert P. Apkarian Memorial Scholarship – (Physical Sciences)

Wei Zhang — Brookhaven National Laboratory
Rate-dependent Reversal of Lithium Concentration During Intercalation into LixFePO4 Nanoparticles