Awards & Scholarships

2019 M&M Postdoctoral Students


Wenpei Gao — University of California, Irvine
Measuring charge state at the single-atomic-column-base with four-dimensional scanning transmission electron microscopy

Wei-Chang Yang — National Institute of Standards and Technology
Application of electron-beam-excited localized surface plasmon resonance to unveil catalytically active sites on Au nanoparticles

Vivian Merk
Selective Ion Accumulation in Biomineralizing Marine Acantharia

Hamish Brown — Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Structure Retrieval of Strongly Scattering Materials in the Transmission Electron Microscope

Paul Smeets — Northwestern University
Atomic-Scale Characterization Reveals Core-Shell Structure of Enamel Crystallites

Andrew Yankovich — Chalmers University of Technology
Towards Plasmon-Exciton Hybridization at the Nanoscale using STEM EELS

Johannes Elferich — Oregon Health & Science University
HOTSPUR: A Real-time Interactive Preprocessing System for Cryo-EM Data

Michael Buch — National Institutes of Health
Localization of the Herpesvirus Portal

Benjamin Apeleo Zubiri — Robert P. Apkarian Memorial Scholarship (physical sciences)
Scale-bridging 3D Analysis of Micro-/Macroporous Zeolite Particles Using X-ray Nano-Tomography and Electron Tomography

Axel Brilot — Robert P. Apkarian Memorial Scholarship (biological sciences)
CryoEM Reveals Multi-step Activation of γTubulin and Assemblies to Optimize Microtubule Nucleation

Aubrey Penn — Eric Samuel Scholarship
Explaining the Magnetic Properties of Oxygen Deficient LSMO Thin Films by iDPC