Awards & Scholarships

M&M 2020 Student Poster Awards


Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, cash awards for M&M 2020 will not be awarded.

Physical Sciences

  • Huaixun Huyan – University of California, Irvine
    Observation of Charge Separation Along BiFeO3 109⁰ Domain Walls by Using Low-convergence Angle 4-dimensional Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Kaustav Chatterjee – Indiana University, Bloomington
    Nanoscale Investigation of Layered Oxychloride Intergrowth Photocatalysts for Visible Light Driven Water Splitting
  • Aubrey Penn – North Carolina State University
    A STEM-EELS Investigation of La0.7Sr0.3CrO3/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 Multilayer Thin Films
  • Jinglong Guo – University of Illinois at Chicago
    Study of Arsenic Doped CdSeTe Solar Cells Using Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • David Krug – Philipps-Universität Marburg, Materials Sciences Center
    Formation Mechanism of the Dominant Kinks in GaP Nanowires grown in an in-situ (S)TEM Gas Cell Holder
  • Debadarshini Samantaray – IISC
    Axial-Radial Heterostructures of Telluride Nanowire
  • Erica Stevens – University of Pittsburgh
    Multi-Material Binder Jet Printing of Functional Ni-Mn-Ga Alloys
  • Tashi Hatchell – Fayetteville State University
    Morphological and Compositional Characterization of Electrochemically Active Perovskite Oxides for Sensing Biological Molecules†
  • Rajeev Rai – Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
    Morphology Controlled Low-dimensional Single-crystalline SnSe2-graphene Hybrid for near IR Photodetection

Biological Sciences

  • Joshua Mitchell – University of Wisconsin, Madison
    Eosinophil Activation: How the Cytoskeleton Shapes Immune Response
  • Josue David Hernandez Varela – Instituto Politecnico Nacional
    Biodegradable Polymers: New Alternatives Using Nanocellulose and Agroindustrial Residues
  • Fatemeh Abbasi Yeganeh – Florida State University
    Actin Filaments in Flight Muscle Z-disks of Lethocerus Indicus Show Screw Symmetry, Not Rotational Symmetry
  • Austin Worden – University of South Carolina School of Medicine
    Novel Method to Study Stem Cells in Development and Disease
  • Abhijit H. Phakatkar – University of Illinois at Chicago
    STEM-EDS and STEM-EELS Studies of Antibacterial Behavior of Phosphorene
  • Benjamin Gonzalez – Arizona State University
    Obstacle-Induced Branching in Filamentous Fungi
  • Joshua Mendez – Florida State University
    The Influence of Detector Quality and Throughput for Cryo-EM of Challenging Proteins