Awards & Scholarships

2020 M&M Postdoctoral Students


Stoichko Antonov — Max-Planck-Intitut fur Eisenforschung GmbH
Atom Probe Tomographic Investigation of the Solute Segregation to Crystal Defects in γ-phase Co-35Ni-20Cr-10Mo Superalloy

Nuria Bagues Salguero — The Ohio State University
Imaging of Magnetic Textures in Polycrystalline FeGe Thin Films via in-situ Lorentz Transmission Electron Microscopy

Shaobo Cheng — Brookhaven National Laboratory
Charge Ordering in Manganite and Ferrite Systems

Michele Conroy — University of Limerick
Probing the Dynamics of Topologically Protected Charged Ferroelectric Domain Walls with the Electron Beam at the Atomic Scale

Shiqing Deng — University of Science and Technology Beijing
Atomic-Scale Investigations of Charge-Lattice Modulation in a Hole-Doped Charge-Ordered Ferrite

Armin Feist — University of Gottingen
Coherent Phase Control of Ultrashort Electron Pulses by Traveling Optical Waves and Whispering-gallery Modes

Marcus Gallagher-Jones — UCLA Chemistry and Biochemistry
Determining Atomic Structures from Digitally Defined Regions of Nanocrystals

Benedikt Haas — Humboldt University of Berlin
Comparison of Ptychography vs. Center-of-Mass Analysis of Registered 4D-STEM Series

Chen Huang — University of Oxford
Probing Graphene Defect Kinetics at Millisecond Time Resolution using Direct Detection and machine learning

Silvan Kretschmer — Helmoltz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Electron Irradiation of Two-dimensional MoS2: Insights into the Influence of Electronic Excitations from First-Principle Calculations

Sten Lambeets — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
In-situ and In-operando Cobalt Oxidation studied by Atom Probe Tomography

Andrew Lang — U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
The Atomic Structure of Epitaxial Metallic Transition Metal Nitride TaNxby STEM-ABF and HAADF

Yue Li* — Northwestern University
Nanoscale Chromatin Imaging and Analysis (nano-ChIA) platform bridges 4-D chromatin organization with molecular function
*Apkarian Award - Biological Sciences

Kelly Manthei — University of Michigan
CryoEM Analysis of Lecithin: Cholesterol Acyltransferase in Complex with High-density Lipoprotein Particles

Alexander Markevich — University of Vienna
Uncovering the Mechanism for Electron-Beam Manipulation of Dopants in Silicon

Debangshu Mukherjee — Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Stemtools: An Open Source Python Toolkit for Analyzing Electron Microscopy Datasets

Paula Navarro — MGH, Harvard Medical School
The Dynamo Software Package for Cryo-Electron Tomography and Subtomogram Averaging

Bumsu Park — * Sungkyunkwan University
Direct Mapping of Electrostatic Potential Variation in Charge Trap Layers in Three-dimensional Memory Devices
*Eric Samuels Award

Philipp Pelz — University of California, Berkeley
Phase Contrast Imaging in Thick, Heterogeneous Samples via S-Matrix Phase Retrieval and Depth Sectioning

Shuaishuai Sun — * Michigan State University
Development of RF-compressed High-throughput Femtosecond Electron Microscope
*Apkarian Award - Physical Sciences

Jae Yang — University of Wisconsin, Madison
High-precision Cryogenic Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy using Two Independent Alignment Features and an Easy-to-use Toolkit to Study Virus-infected Mammalian Cells