Awards & Scholarships

2021 M&M Postdoctoral Students

Listed below are the 2021 M&M Postdoctoral Scholars funded by MSA. For the 2021 M&M Student Scholars funded by MAS, please visit


Yueming Guo — Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Automatic detection of crystallographic defects in STEM images by unsupervised learning with translational invariance

Ramon Manzorro — Arizona State University
Quantifying fluxional behavior in catalytic CeO2 nanoparticles: toward thermodynamic insight into the stability of surface atomic structures

William Nicolas — California Institute of Technology
Peaking into the plant cell wall using cryo-FIB milling and electron cryo-tomography

Prakash Parajuli — University of Illinois, Chicago
Atomic-scale Insights of Cation Diffusion into Multivalent Battery Cathodes

Thomas Pekin — Humboldt University of Berlin
Improving 4DSTEM measurements of atomic charge and electrostatic potential via energy filtration

Mathias Rothmann — University of Oxford
The atomic-scale microstructure of metal halide perovskite elucidated via low-dose electron microscopy

Xingxu Yan — University of California, Irvine
Space- and Angle-Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy to Probe the Local Phonon Modes at Planar Defects