Awards & Scholarships

2021 M&M Student Scholars

Listed below are the 2021 M&M Student Scholars funded by MSA. For the 2021 M&M Student Scholars funded by MAS, please visit


Mehrdad Abbasi Gharacheh — Ohio State University
4D-STEM Determination of Atomic Structure of Amorphous Materials for Renewable Energy Applications

Lopa Bhatt — University of Illinois, Chicago
Plasmon electron energy-loss spectroscopy and in-situ cooling experiments of graphene liquid cells

Simon Carl — Florida Atlantic University
Correlative Zernike phase contrast X-ray nanotomography to determine the distribution and orientation of graphite particles in a carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin for improved thermal conductivity

Laura Chaves — Purdue University
Coordinated analyses on space weathering signatures on a Fe-sulfide grain from asteroid Itokawa

Jialiang Chen — University of Minnesota
A Quantitative Method for In-Situ Pump-Beam Metrology in Ultrafast Electron Microscopy

Yueyun Chen — University of California, Los Angeles
Determining Lattice Parameters by Curve-Fitting Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction Patterns

Matthew Cheng — Northwestern University
Structural and chemical analysis of mixed cation antiferromagnetic layered metal chalcophosphate FeCoP2S6

Thomas Danz — University of Göttingen
Ultrafast nanoimaging of the order parameter in a structural phase transition

Peter Denninger — Florida Atlantic University
In situ chip-based heating studies of metal-induced layer exchange and Si crystallization using STEM, LEND and SE imaging in SEM

Joshua Dickerson — MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
How much can inelastically scattered electrons contribute to electron cryotomography of biological specimens?

Helen Donelick — University of Utah
Structural determination of the Dicer-2•R2D2 complex

Jennifer Donohue — University of California, Berkeley
4D-STEM analysis of an amorphous-crystalline polymer blend: combined nanocrystalline and RDF mapping

Matthew Doran — Boston University
Inhibition of bacterial binding through dysfunction of bacterial adhesion pili

Leeya Engel — Stanford University
Micropatterning of electron microscopy grids for improved cellular cryo-electron tomography throughput
*Apkarian Scholarship, Biological Science

Stephen Funni — Carnegie Mellon University
Quantifying the local structure of incommensurately modulated tetragonal tungsten bronze from STEM images

Chaitanya Gadre — University of California, Irvine
Phonon Reflections from Nanostructured Interfaces Imaged by Momentum- Averaged and Resolved Vibrational EELS

Piyush Haluai — Arizona State University
Studying Charge Transport and Light Induced Structural Alterations in Ni/NiO Core-Shell Co-Catalysts on SrTiO3 for Solar Hydrogen Evolution

Alimohammad Hojjatian — Florida State University
Cryo-EM structure of F-actin decorated by HMM in rigor state

Cameron Johnson — University of Oregon
2-Grating Inelastic Free Electron Interferometry

Satinder Kaur — McGill University
Local computational methods to improve the interpretability and analysis of cryo-EM maps

Priti Kharel — University of Illinois
Atomic-resolution and Atomic-scale Imaging of Small Organic Molecules

Francisco Lagunas — University of Illinois
Atomic-resolution in-situ cooling study of functionally terminated 2D transition metal carbides.

Haoyang Ni — University of Illinois
Compressed Sensing Inspired Line Feature Detection for In-Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy
*Eric Samuel Scholarship

Micah Rapp — Columbia University
Visualizing cadherin intermembrane adhesion assemblies using cryo-electron tomography
*Raleigh & Clara Miller Scholarship

Marcel Schloz — Humboldt University of Berlin
Adaptive Scanning in Ptychography through Deep Reinforcement Learning

Morgan Seidler — University of California, Berkeley
Using cryo-TEM to study the effect of side-chain chemistry on the crystal motifs in polypeptoid nanosheets

Meiyue Shao — Ohio State University
The effect of beam scan strategies on the microstructure and mechanical properties of additive manufacturing Ti-6Al-4V builds

Yu-Tsun Shao — Cornell University
Probing the dynamics of ferroelectric topological oscillators with the electron beam
*Apkarian Scholarship, Physical Science

Andrew Soltisz — Ohio State University
Morphological Object Localization: A Novel Image Analysis Pipeline for Quantitative Spatial Localization of Biomolecule Signal from Fluorescence Microscopy Data

Lioudmila Sorokina — University of Illinois, Chicago
In Situ Graphene Liquid Cell Investigation of Metal Ion Modifiers of Calcium Oxalate

Suk Hyun Sung — University of Michigan
Recovery of long-range order in two-dimensional charge density waves at high temperatures

Binbin Wang — Ohio State University
In-situ observation of the in-plane field induced nucleation of skyrmion using Lorentz-TEM

Tingting Wu — Washington University in St. Louis
pixOL: pixel-wise point spread function engineering for measuring the 3D orientation and 3D location of dipole-like emitters