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2019 Albert Crewe Award

Layla Mehdi
University of Liverpool

Dr B. Layla Mehdi is currently an Assistant Professor and Associate Director of the Imaging Centre at the University of Liverpool (ICaL), UK. She received her Master’s in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Warsaw, Poland and her Ph. D. in Chemistry from Miami University, USA working in the area of electrochemical detectors coupled with gas chromatography for cancer therapy. Following her Ph.D., in 2013 she joined the Physical Sciences Directorate at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) as a postdoctoral research associate and in 2016 was promoted to Staff Scientist. Her work at PNNL involved the development of an in-situ stage to study dynamic processes in next generation batteries with applications to Li-ion and beyond Li chemistries being supported as part of the Joint Centre for Energy Storage Research (JCESR) funded by the US Department of Energy. She has received numerous international awards for this work, including the 2015 MRS postdoctoral award, the 2015 Microscopy Society of America postdoctoral award and the 2014 Microscopy & Microanalysis Presidential award. In 2016 she also received JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship to perform Research at Nagoya University, Japan in collaboration with TOYOTA Japan. She has over 20 publications in the development and application of low-dose methods to the operando and high resolution study of beam sensitive materials and processes. She has organized 4 international in-situ liquid TEM workshops, an international in-situ TEM symposium, has given over 25 invited talks at international meetings and institutions, and is the Associate Editor covering in-situ TEM for the SpringerNature journal, Advanced Structural and Chemical Imaging. Currently, her research group focuses on developing advanced new microscopy methods to generate an in depth understanding of reaction kinetics at solid/liquid and solid/gas interfaces in batteries, electrocatalysts and pharmaceuticals.

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