Awards & Scholarships

2018 Hildegard H. Crowley Award

Anchi Cheng
New York Structural Biology Center

Anchi has an undergraduate degree in Chemistry and spent most of her senior year in an X-ray crystallography lab that studies the bonding property of sulfur with hydrocarbon. She has a strong background instrument and processing automation gained by the study of lipid phase transition at synchrotron radiation source facilities during her graduate study. As a postdoctoral research associate,she used electron crystallography to determine the structure of aquaporin 1 and connexin 43 where she became expert user of TEM. In addition, with the knowledge she gained in these fields, she developed methods for evaluating the data distribution and an error analysis method based on bootstrap resampling. As her interests turned to technology development for cryo-TEM, she has become a key developer of our software for automated molecular microscopy (Leginon) and building an integrated pipeline for data processing (Appion) in single-particle averaging, tomography, and two-dimensional crystal screening. Each of these developments was driven by different biological projects that she executed or oversaw. As a user-turned developer, she is well aware of the importance of providing both robust automation as well as flexibility of user redirection.

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