Awards & Scholarships

2021 Hildegard H. Crowley Award

Trace A. Christensen
Mayo Clinic Microscopy and Cell Analysis Core

Trace is a Research and Development Specialist at the Mayo Clinic Microscopy and Cell Analysis Core Facility in Rochester, MN. He received a B.S. degree in Biology from Saint John’s University and M.S. degree in Biotechnology Enterprise from John’s Hopkin’s University. Trace has also spent time training at MBL, CU Boulder, and the Scripps Research Institute. He has worked in biological microscopy and research for over thirty years at Mayo and is involved in designing experiments and developing protocols to facilitate the research goals of investigators using a variety of imaging modalities. He has extensive experience in microwave processing and 3DEM techniques. Recently he has contributed significantly to work in mitochondrial dynamics of Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, Usher syndrome, and ischemic strokes. Trace enjoys mentoring both undergrad and graduate students. He has helped design and build a 3DEM service at Mayo that includes processing, serial block-face imaging, and data analysis - utilized by researchers at Mayo and throughout the country. Trace has been an active member of MSA since 2003 and served as Treasurer of the Diagnostic & Biomedical Microscopy focused interest group for several years. He is also a member of the Minnesota Microscopy Society and is actively working to help bring new microscopy and data analysis technologies to local universities and research institutions.

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