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MSA Fellows by Election Year

The designation "MSA Fellow" is intended to recognize those who have been conferred the Society's Distinguished Scientist Awards, as well as senior distinguished members of the Society who have made significant contributions to the advancement of the field of microscopy and microanalysis through a combination of scientific achievement and service to the scientific community and the Society itself.

MSA Fellows duly elected by recommendation of the Fellows Committee are listed below by year of induction. Individuals made Fellow by virtue of having been named MSA Distinguished Scientist are listed afterward. Distinguished Scientists awarded on or after 2009 are listed with the year of their year of award. All Distinguished Scientists awarded through 2008 and living as of the beginning of the 2009 annual meeting were automatically given MSA Fellow status, and were made MSA Fellows with the Class of 2009.

Individuals are denoted by their informal names. A listing by formal name, including full initials, portrait, and citation, can be found here.

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Fellows by Virtue of Being Named MSA Distinguished Scientist