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Step-by-Step Micrograph Submission

  1. Before you click on the "Guests-Click Here To Submit your Micrograph" Button at the bottom of this page:
    • Prepare answers to the questions below.
    • Once your entry is submitted, there will be no opportunity to change or alter your input.
    • Do not compose your answers while submitting. There is a login-timer running and you will be auto-logged off if your connection is detected as in-active for 10 minutes.
  2. Click Here to preview a blank on-line submission form and here to see an example of a completed form.
  3. Select a submission category:
    • Published micrograph category for images appearing for the first time in a publication of the previous year,
    • Open micrograph category for unpublished images acquired by any microscopist,
    • Video/Streaming Data category for movie or streaming data clips up to 15 seconds in length, or up to 60 seconds with the proviso that only 10-15 seconds will be used, acquired directly with a microscope or generated as a streaming/video reconstruction from microscopy data.
  4. Fill in requested items in the Submitter Information section:
    • This section requests your contact information.
    • This information will become part of the MSA database and will be used for official MSA business only. It will not be sold or distributed to third parties outside of the Society.
    • By submitting to this competition you are agreeing to receive email messages related to this competition, future competitions, and other MSA events.
  5. Fill in requested items in the Micrograph Information section:
    • You will be asked to fill in the following information with each image.
      It would be prudent write drafts of these statements before proceeding to the submission page:
      1. statement describing scientific significance (must be between 30 and 200 words),
      2. statement describing image acquisition details (30-200 words),
      3. if applicable, description of all post-acquisition image processing steps (30-200 words)
      4. complete citation of publication where image appeared (Publication micrograph category only)
      5. short title stating specimen organism or material (less than 10 words)
      6. figure caption that describes the specimen, perhaps its preparation, the type of microscopy used, and acknowledgements to Institutes or Centers, if any. (80-100 words)
  6. Upload a permissions statement:
    • Please download the Permissions Form here, fill it out, and scan it to a PDF file.
    • You must have this form completed for upload during your submission session.
      • This form states that either that you took this image and own this image or that you took the image and have permission from the owner to submit this image to the competition.
      • For the latter case, please have the copyright owner sign the form granting the Microscopy Society of America a non-exclusive license to use your image for the following purposes: archiving of finalists, promoting future micrograph competitions, and promoting other MSA activities (such as future meetings).
      • To obtain permission from a publisher: navigate to the paper on the publisher’s website, select a figure, request permission to re-publish the figure.
    • Please be ready to upload your signed form during your submission process.
      We cannot accept your entry without this form.
  7. Upload your image file:
    • Static/Still Images: should be submitted in one of the following formats: TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP, at the original acquisition pixel density (e.g., 2048 x 2048 pixels) and bit-depth (up to 16 bit = 65,536 gray levels).
      If any image processing was performed on the image (e.g., contrast adjustment, cropping, kernel processing, etc.), the unprocessed image also must be uploaded.
    • Video Images/Streaming Data: should be submitted in one of the following formats: MOV, MPG, AVI, MP4, WMV
  8. Mind the deadline for submissions: Midnight Pacific Standard Time, March 15, 2023.

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