Awards & Scholarships

2017 Undergraduate Scholarship Awardees


Kelley Nichole Flowers — Virginia Commonwealth University
"How is Signal Transduction Effected During Naegleria fowleri Invasion with Membrane Protein (RhoA) Suppression?"

Gargi Mishra — Mount Holyoke College
"Immunofluorescence Analysis of Phagocytic Markers Expressed by Rat Decidual Macrophages During Mid- and Post-Pregnancy"

Tasha Henck — University of Wisconsin — Whitewater
"Characterization of Amyloid Structures in Ejaculated Spermatazoa and Its Potential Role during the Acrosome Reaction and ZP Adhesion"

Emily Turnquist — Kansas State University
"Systemic Characterization of Septin Protein Interactions at the Yeast Bud Neck during the Cell Cycle Using an Evolved Tripartite Split GFP"