Video Library

The MSA Online Video Library provides you with free access to videos of M&M Tutorials and other MSA sessions for online viewing and downloading/archiving.

M&M 2021 Tutorials

  • X42 - Probing Ultralow Energy Excitations at Ultrahigh Spatial Resolution with Monochromated Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
  • X43 - X-Ray Imaging & Computed Tomography
  • X45 - Traversing Spatial Scales with Correlative Microscopy

M&M 2020 Tutorials

  • X40 - Advanced Cryo-FIB Specimen Preparation & Handling of Environmentally Sensitive Materials for APT and TEM Analysis
  • X42 - TriBeam Tomography for 3D Data Acquisition
  • X43 - Liquid Cell TEM Imaging Techniques and Optimization for Biological Samples
  • X44 - Optimization of Cryo-EM Data Collection using Advanced Direct Detectors
  • What’s going on with my cryoEM/cryoFIB-SEM sample, and how might I improve it?

M&M 2019 Tutorials

  • X31 - Tech Forum Roundtable: Technical Careers in Microscopy—For the Love of Microscopy
  • X40 - Physical Tutorial: Following the Electrons Simulation for High-Resolution STEM and CBEDs
  • X41 - Physical Tutorial: Entrepreneurship in the Microscopy Community
  • X42 - Physical Tutorial: Efficient Phase Contrast Imaging via Electron Ptychography
  • X43 - Physical Tutorial: Expanding the Computational Toolbox for CryoEM
  • X44 - Biological Tutorial: High-End Data Collection for Single-Particle Cryo-EM
  • X45 - Biological Tutorial: Tips and Tricks for High-Pressure Freezing / Freeze Substitution

M&M 2018 Tutorials

  • X40 Experimental and Simulation Methods in 4D-STEM: Scanning Electron Nanobeam Diffraction
  • X41 Entrepreneurship in the Microscopy Community
  • X42 Ultra-High Spatial Resolution EBSD: Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction (TKD) in the SEM
  • X43 Cryo-FIB: Overcoming the Hurdle of Sample Preparation for in situ Cryo-Electron Tomography
  • X44 Single Particle Cryo-EM Data Processing Techniques for Obtaining Optimal Results
  • X45.1 How to Get Funding for Instrumentation When Budgets Are Tight (Part I)
  • X45.2 How to Get Funding for Instrumentation When Budgets Are Tight (Part II)

M&M 2017 Tutorials

  • X40 Processing of Atomic Resolution Images and Multispectral Data
  • X42 CryoEM with Phase Plates
  • X43 Strategies for Cryo-CLEM: A bridging technique between cell and structural biology
  • X44.1 Freeze Fracture Deep Etch 3D Analglyphs

M&M 2016 Tutorials

  • X40 Career Tracks in Government and Industry: A Panel Discussion
  • X41 Effective Tactics for Getting an Equipment Grant
  • X42 Building and Validating Atomic Models for EM Density Maps
  • X43 Diffraction Mapping and 4D STEM
  • X44 Compressive Sensing Applications in Microscopy

M&M 2015 Tutorials

  • X40 ABF STEM - Direct and Robust Atomic-resolution Imaging of Light Elements in Crystalline Materials
  • X41 Physical Sciences Tutorial: In situ Liquid S/TEM: Practical Aspects, Challenges, and Opportunities
  • X42 Biological Sciences Tutorial: Maximizing the Likelihood of Successful Maximum Likelihood Classification
  • X44 Biological Sciences Tutorial: Optimizing Specimen Preparation for Macromolecular Electron Microscopy

M&M 2014 Tutorials

  • X41 Imaging of Magnetic Structures in Scanning and Conventional TEM
  • X50 Filling the Missing Wedge
  • X51 Getting the Most from your Direct Detection (DD) Camera for Low Dose Transmission Electron Microscopy

M&M 2013 Tutorials

  • X40 Practical Processing of Spectrum Imaging Datasets by Multivariate Statistical Analysis
  • X41 State-of-the-Art Microanalysis at the nm-Scale and Smaller
  • X42 Practical Aspects of Atom Probe Tomography in Materials Science
  • X50 Correlative Imaging of Tissues: The Potential of Large Volume Array Tomography
  • X51 Biomedical Applications of microCTin Hard and Soft Tissues — Going Beyond the Bone
  • X52 Chemically Sensitive ImagingUsing Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy (STXM)

M&M 2012 Tutorials

  • A Practical Guide to Bright/Dark Field - Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • A Guide to EBSD for In-situ Studies
  • X50 Tracking Enveloped Virus Entry by Live Cell Fluorescence Microscopy
  • X51 Artifacts in Immunolabeling

M&M 2011 Tutorials

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Atom-Probe Tomography (APT)
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy
  • Pushing the Rock Up the Hill: Teaching Imaging Technology in the Classroom
  • Principles and Techniques of Digital Image Correlation
  • X41 Biological Applications of Fluorescence Photoactivation Localization Microscopy
  • RNA Targeted Probes for Fluorescence and Electron Microscopy

M&M 2010 Tutorials

  • X40 Cryo-HRSEM Techniques for Biological and Soft Materials Specimens
  • X41 Focused Ion Beam Techniques in Biology
  • X50 EELS & EFTEM Imaging: Instrumentation, Applications and Artifacts
  • X51 Principles and Practice of HREM and HAADF Imaging