Project MICRO



Books, Media, And Websites For Middle School Microscopy

This database will help teachers, volunteers, and parents to introduce children to the microworld. An attempt has been made to list (and review!) everything that is available; if readers are aware of other titles, please tell MICRO's coordinator. The "books" category is divided; "curriculum manuals" provide a sequence of classroom units, and "supplemental books" give information on specific topics. An attempt has been made to classify them by grade level; MICRO is a middle school program, but you'll find a few titles here that can be used in the primary grades or in high school. And there are a few books intended to help adult leaders.

Nanotechnology isn't microscopy, but it certainly is part of the microworld. This revised database now includes a section on "Nanotechnology for kids" because nano machines and nanoscale science have an exciting future that will have a major effect on all our lives.

An increasing number of students face the challenge of learning English and science concurrently; you can search this database to find good books in Spanish, and bilingual websites.

It has become difficult to list "real" book prices in these reviews; internet competition has made most publishers' list prices theoretical. Use your favorite search site, particularly if you want a single copy.



Microscopy Education Articles in Microscopy Today

MSA publishes Microscopy and Microanalysis, a leading international research journal, and Microscopy Today, which is a general-interest magazine (free subscriptions to Microscopy Today are available on request). 'Microscopy Education' was added to its list of regular features in 2009; the articles are available at (select "Archive").

Design and Implementation of a Practical, Hands-On TEM Short Course
A Nicholls and E Schumacher, Microscopy Today 17(5) (2009) 46-50.

Empowering Pre-College Teachers through Investigations of Micro- and Nano-Worlds
VM Serio, Jr., KD Moulton, JL Jamison, G Fletcher, L Flower, and SM Duboiser, Microscopy Today 17(6) (2009) 40-42.

Sustainable Outreach
A Chumbley and LS Chumbley, Microscopy Today 18(1) (2010) 42-45.

High School SEM Discussion Group: A Resource for Teachers and Microscopists
M Gill-Linscott, Microscopy Today 18(2) (2010) 42-46.

Virtual SEM (VSEM) — Ongoing Development of Teaching Resources
NHM Caldwell, GC Martin, AL Mitchell, DM Holburn, and BC Breton, Microscopy Today 18(3) (2010) 44-49.

Introducing Students to Research: Electron Microscopy of Bacteriophages
JE Sanchez, EL Jacovetty, B Carragher, CS Potter, and RE Taurog, Microscopy Today 18(4) (2010) 30-33.

Promotion of Inquiry-Based Science Education: One Teacher's Story
JA Kraft, Microscopy Today 18(5) (2010) 40-42.

An AFM Learning Module Employing Diffraction Gratings
T Coffey, I Bryan, Z Bryan, D Wicker, J Drake, N Pope, and DN Leonard, Microscopy Today 18(6) (2010) 42-48.

Bugscope: Online K-12 Microscopy Outreach
S Robinson, C Conway, C Wallace, AM Ray, and U Thakkar, Microscopy Today 19(2) (2011) 46-50.

Augmenting Secondary Education with Advanced Microscopy
C Queenan, A Calabro, and D Becker, Microscopy Today 19(3) (2011) 48-52.

Discovery on Wheels: the Biobus
E Elert, Microscopy Today 19(4) (2011) 38-41.

Project MICRO: Science Excitement in Middle Schools
C Schooley, Microscopy Today 20(3) (2012) 42-44.