Project MICRO



Locating a Microscopist-Volunteer

If you are a teacher who has decided to do a "Microscopic Explorations" festival, you may be wondering where to look for a microscopist-volunteer to help you. If you've used other GEMS guides, you may already know the location of your favorite GEMS Leader, Associate, or Site. Ask them first; they may already be working with someone. If you don't know a GEMS person, you should; there are hundreds of them, and they're a great source of information. Visit the GEMS website for the the current Site list.

If your school is within the activity range of one of MSA's local societies, they may have volunteers available, or even an organized local program. Click here for the local society list. This website also has a list of the current local programs.

If none of these approaches work, go to the Ask-a-Microscopist service. Your request for help will be posted on MSA's microscopy listserver, which is read by over 4,000 microscopists worldwide. Please make your request as far in advance of your need as possible.

If none of this works, contact the Project MICRO coordinator, Elaine Humphrey at But her main resources are listed above, so try them first!