William Bowman

William Bowman

I am a Postdoctoral Associate at MIT working with Prof. Bilge Yildiz as part of the MIT Energy Initiative. In the fall of 2016 I completed a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering with Prof. Peter Crozier at Arizona State University, during which time I was also a visiting scholar at ETH Zürich in Switzerland. My research focuses on developing nanoengineered oxide coatings to mitigate hydrogen embrittlement of metals used in nuclear reactors, geothermal systems, and infrastructure for a hydrogen economy. Previously, I applied advanced transmission electron microscopy to the study of chemical and electrical properties of grain boundaries and interfaces in electroceramic oxides.

My interest in service has grown out of numerous experiences as a volunteer, mentor, and mentee, throughout my time a student and postdoc. I have generally focused on promoting STEM activities through education, dissemination and inclusion. Since attending M&M for the first time in 2013, it has become one of my favorite meetings, which encouraged me to serve as a Student Bursar at M&M 2015 in Portland, and a member of the MSA website redesign committee in 2015.

During the Student Committee meeting at M&M 2016 in Columbus, I proposed the Inaugural Pre-Meeting Congress for Students, Postdocs and Early-Career Professionals in Microscopy and Microanalysis (PMCx60), which was a day-long conference organized by the MSA Student Council for early-career professionals, and was held at M&M 2017 in St. Louis. The aims of this event include facilitating technical and professional development, encouraging networking and recruiting, and enhancing engagement and involvement in the society.

I was previously a member of the Arizona Imaging and Microanalysis Society, and the Chairperson for the 2016 Gordon Research Seminar on Solid State Studies in Ceramics, which preceded the Gordon Research Conference on the same topic. I am currently serving as the Editor of the MSA Update, and the StC Program Chairperson for PMCx60 for M&M 2018 in Baltimore.